Phoenix One of the Top Cities for Entry-Level Jobs

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Andreas Klinke Johannsen

Depending on where you are in your career, this might be good news or bad news: Phoenix is one of the top cities for entry-level jobs.

This is according to Indeed, the job-hunting website, which scanned its own listings for this result.

Phoenix had the 10th-most listings for entry-level jobs, behind these nine cities: Washington DC, New York, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.

Phoenix is also one of only two cities on that list (Atlanta being the other) where the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is less than $1,000.

Among the most popular entry-level jobs, the average salaries range from $22,000 (manufacturing) to $72,000 construction project engineer.

Of course, as job-seekers would know, the phrase "entry level" is essentially the lie of the decade, as just about everyone has encountered a listing for an "entry level" job that requires two to five years of experience.

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66rock topcommenter

Every city listed is a high population center, so not surprising.  On the other hand, we don't excel in much of anything here except our winter temps.   


I think they're referring to the monetary compensation for work performed.   They'll pay entry-level salaries, but want 3-5 years experience.   That's why we have a pay day loans .. three to every corner in AZ.. but hey, you get to carry a gun! 

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