LGBT Advocates Cast a Pall on the Phoenix PD and the Valley's Gay Community

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Brian Stauffer

Chris Wilson sits quietly in a small, gray room. He's slouched forward, his forearms resting on his lap, his wrists handcuffed.

It's August 7, 2012, almost 9 p.m.

Wilson is tense, antsy.

A Phoenix police detective walks in, greets him, and explains that he has been accused of engaging in sexual contact with minors — two teens, one 17, the other 14.

Wilson nods.

The detective reads Wilson his rights, telling him he can remain silent or have an attorney present, and asks if he understands.

"Yes, I do," Wilson says.

"I know you didn't force these kids to do anything. I just wanna understand why it happened," the officer says to Wilson.

Wilson, 43 at the time, tells the interrogator a lot of flirting and sexual banter went on the afternoon in July when he picked up the two teenage boys from an apartment complex and took them to lunch at a Chili's in West Phoenix. Before driving them in his truck to the eatery, he says, the younger boy grabbed him and kept telling him he was "hot."

The detective says, "From what I understand now, it wasn't your intention . . . I think you were suckered into it by how he started stuff."

Wilson, dejected, says it doesn't matter: "Either way, it was my fault, man. It was all mutual. I should've known better. I was a fool."

Later, when he's asked whether he'd committed a crime, Wilson says: "I made a bad decision."

Chris Wilson knew all too well that his predicament appeared bleak. He'd been a cop for nearly two decades.

Before his interrogation began, when he was alone in the room, Wilson was caught on camera saying: "Fuck, I should've done it."

The investigator later wrote in his report, "It is unknown what this comment meant," intimating that Wilson may have been suicidal. "At the time Wilson was taken into custody, he was armed with a black handgun."

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The "Phoenix New times"will sell you there soul for the "Right PRICE".$$$$$$$$$$$


The level of detail in this article is rather sickening, don't you think? Is it really appropriate to mention that the three climaxed together? Or that the cop performed rim jobs on the two boys? 

If this were between an old man and two young girls, you wouldn't see that kind of lurid detail would you? This article seems to be wallowing in the depravity of this, the implicit assumption being that because they're queer it is somehow more perverted, that gay men are more inclined to this sort of thing. 

Felt like I was reading a piece of smut, not journalism. It's exploitative. Get the truth out but don't delight in it. Did anybody consider the privacy of the people involved?

Shame on the New Times.  


Well, he might be a pervert, but at least he's not a liar like some cops are!

whateveryousay topcommenter

Gay or straight is irrelevant.  Having sex with minors is a no-no.


Gee i wonder who paid the money for this "CRAP".Never mind.I think i know who?"The DEVIL is always in the details".


You obviously don't know Chris. Among many other things, he is a liar and a thief...


He is a predator.

Your compass seems to be malfunctioning

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