Joe Arpaio Gets "Selfie" Love from New York Times' Fernanda Santos (w/Update)

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Sometimes I hate to be right.

For instance, in a recent blog post about Sheriff Joe Arpaio traveling to Los Angeles for a Hollywood screening of producer Randy Murray's documentary The Joe Show, I noted that Murray's idea of inviting Joe along for the ride was a bad one, unlikely to do more than stroke the sheriff's ego.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, when New York Times reporter Fernanda Santos, who for the past two years has been the paper's Phoenix bureau chief, tweeted a photo of herself with Arpaio, en route to Los Angeles.

Above is Santos' selfie with Arpaio, which Santos removed from Twitter sometime Thursday afternoon; below is my original embed of her Twitter post. See update at end of this post.

In the pic, Santos offers a duck face. Arpaio just looks confused.

"Traveling to Hollywood with Sheriff Joe Arpaio today," she wrote of the photo. "Looking tough."

To which, she hashtagged the words "Phoenix bureau" and "glamor."

(I have to believe she meant "#Glamor" sarcastically.)

Stacey Champion, doing PR for the film, tweeted, "@fernandaNYT is totally cracking me up. Her explanation of selfies to Sheriff Joe almost made me pee."

The high-jinks didn't stop there. Later, Santos tweeted pics of Arpaio with some of the costumed actors that work Hollywood Boulevard.

There's Arpaio being lassoed by Wonder Woman, Arpaio with Elmo and the Cookie Monster.

Champion Tweeted similar pics, but then, that's Champion's job, right?

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He made me so sick, he still makes me sick, there's surely a place in hell for this sadistic old bastard.


It's only a matter of time that Joe and his cronies roll over.  Once it starts, it will be fast.


The New York Times have done several scathing pieces on the 81 year old mentally ill old fool. Someone needs to inform the Times regarding Santos' traitorous relationship with a well known criminal. So they can fire her @$$.


I'm just guessing that Fernanda Santos is of Hispanic origin. If so, I think she just did her race and culture a huge disservice by appearing with Mr. WU.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Fox 10 had a picture of Joke with Darth Vader, but they didn't say which one was the evil lord.....

john043012 topcommenter

Ill bet Lemons is in his office right now violating himself


You see people like Joe, even Hispanics!  If it had been Paul Penzone instead, he wouldn't have gotten as much as a hello.


How Bizzare?!

At least Feeble Little Arpaio has a Woman to protect him .



After whoring around with the media on our Tax Dollars Arpaio will return and tell his faithful following of brain washed moron's that he has been working hard fourteen hours a day eight days a week.

They will horay, and bow down to him.


Its because of liberals like yourself that this Nation is crumbling. Jail is supposed to be a terrible experience in order to prevent anyone from considering to commit a crime. Because of people like you, people do not fear jail. I wish we had more people in power like the Sheriff. You are a hypocrite. Its funny how so many Americans knock the Sheriff and how strict he is. But he would be a hero if someone robbed and killed their family member. How would you feel if someone killed or raped someone dear to you? Would you still feel that they deserve three hots and a Cot?. By the way, us tax payers flip the bill for the scum that has no regard for human life. Free Dental, free food, sports and cable TV. Hmmmmm, sound right to you?. What the Sheriff does is he works with you floozy liberals and some how makes sure that these prisoners dont receive all of the rights that us hard working, law abiding citizens receive. If you dont like the way he handles the Jail system then dont live there.


@john043012 No, John, probably not. Mr. Lemons works in an open cubicle facing a window that faces a major street. What, exactly, do you define as "violating himself", by the way?



Sounds like you are fantasizing about Lemons?!

Seek help.

Vizzini If Arpaio wasn't such a malevolent force in AZ, with a white-haired base of fellow bigots and nativists supporting him every election, there wouldn't have been a reason to make the film.  

I'd take Penzone over that shit head any day. I hope he is jailed for contempt by Snow.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

"I hope he's jailed for contempt by Snow."

I hope the Fetid Fossil of MCSO is jailed for abuse of power Vizzini.... I think 18 USC 241 and 18 USC 242 fit nicely here....



Benefit of the doubt?

But she looks a lot tougher than "America's Pink Pantied Sheriff."

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

The way our legal system seems to work lately...................we will be lucky if we can get a contempt, let alone any of the other things he should be hit with


His panties are brown and yellow. Maybe a piece of corn here and there.

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