Joe Arpaio's Weasel Move to Exempt Posse and Jail Side from Judge's Order Largely Denied

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio's weasel-y attempt to exempt the "jail side" of his operation and all posse members from having to obey federal Judge G. Murray Snow's latest dictate in the ACLU's big civil rights case Melendres v. Arpaio has failed.

With the exception of jail volunteers and others personally guaranteed by Arpaio as having nada to do with enforcement, the judge's original order to disseminate a "corrective statement" to all MCSO personnel stands.

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By all rights, Arpaio should be wearing stripes of a different kind...

In part, the judge justifies having to do this because of the misinformation being spread by such Arpaio flunkies as Deputy Chief Jack MacIntyre, who incorrectly insisted in a recent interview with KJZZ that "there is no court finding that the sheriff's office racially profiled."

Read Snow's latest order in Melendres.

To which, Snow had this to say:

This statement sows confusion rather than clarity. In its Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, this Court set forth a number of instances, instructions and policies in which the MCSO unconstitutionally and inappropriately considered race as one factor among others in making law enforcement decisions.

Nevertheless, since the Court made these findings, MCSO and its command staff, including Sheriff Arpaio, have stated, both in public statements and in training/briefing to deputies, that the MCSO never engaged in racial profiling and/or that the Court never so found. Such statements are misleading at best.

As this Court has previously stated, it has no present intention of attempting to restrict the MCSO's public statements, even if, in its assessment, those statements are inaccurate and misleading. Nevertheless, to the extent that such misstatements stand without correction to MCSO personnel, or are made directly to them, they create confusion in the very personnel who must understand the Court's Order to appropriately implement it.

The MCSO is a single agency. Misunderstandings that affect parts of the agency that are the result of misstatements made by the Sheriff and others in command, affect the understanding of the entire agency.

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MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

C'mon Judge Snow, slap the old man around your courtroom. I've got a new bottle of scotch for you. It's Johnnie Walker Green Label.

WhoKnows topcommenter

This just in!  Arpaio's lawyers have requested a "picture" version of Judge Snow's orders.  In it, the lawyer claimed that MCSO (the taxpayers) would pay for a new box of crayons for each member of Joe's Command staff, and maybe a few more....

In this PR-BS from MCSSSO, Jack MacenWeasle stated:

"We really think that the pictures will work better for those in MCSO forced by that demonic conservative Snow to read his legal orders.  For one thing, there are too many big words in Snow's order that won't be understood by people so dumb as to be on the Command staff.  I used to be a lawyer myself, and I don't get that 'more than 3 syllable' thing...

Also, we can use this as our court ordered training.  After the command staff finishing coloring the pictures, if we notice all the good guys are pink, and all the bad guys aren't pink, we can send them to an art class, and them let them retest with a new box of crayons. (I know, more costs to the taxpayers, but it's that demonic conservative Snow's fault!)

For the Posse, we'll just set up a shooting contest with prizes.  If they get a prize (everyone will!), we hand the posse members a paper to sign indicating they WON that prize, and then we turn the list of people who signed the Alatola Arpaio's letter to Snow!

See, MCSSSO knows how to obey the law!"

66rock topcommenter

I just don't get why this guy keeps getting elected over and over!  This week also, probably another lawsuit coming up due to the young man who has pneumonia but received absolutely no care while in custody, his mom took him to a hospital immediately upon release.  Do we not have a county hospital?  I think we do and all the Sheriff's dept had to do was take the guy and have him checked out.  This is just ridiculous.  The kid was just lucky he wasn't there longer or he surely would have died in custody. 


The disease that is Joe Arpaio has had 20 years to infect every level of the MCSO. The cure also needs to reach every level.

Better still, take the clamp off a set of battery cables, paint it pink and attach it to Joe's saggy balls. Then attach it to a pink chain long enough to reach to Judge Snow's bench so he can give it a good YANK when Joe pisses him off. Of course, Snow would probably wind up with the arm of a bodybuilder from having to yank the chain so often.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Does Arpaio have an out if some of the people on the posse can't read past the 3rd grade level?  What if his staff can't read past the 5th grade level?


Clever post WK. You keep 'em coming amigo.

@66rock He keeps getting reelected because people like him and he does his job well. And he will be reelected again next time!!!!!

WhoKnows topcommenter

@66rock  But joke did do a nice little media event where he not only said he still might run for Gov, but he also "adopted" a vicious dog for the inmates to get attacked by.....  Who then will have to wait for medical care...

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

LMAO yeah right Robert, keep thinking that way. People are sick and tired of the same old bullshit emanating from the old man and MCSO. I personally think he will lose his next election. And then the feds are gonna cuff him and haul his ass off for violating 18 USC 242.

66rock topcommenter

@WhoKnows @66rock    Guess who has to pay to feed this little mutt!  All just so Joe gets his media face time 

and good will of those stupid enough voter.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

we could always bring Peterson out of retirement to handle liked Peterson didnt you? Peterson has a good record for upholding your brand of justice........we can have him visit Joe to discuss compliance

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