Attorney Demands ABC 15 Retract Story Accusing Police Officers of Botching Cases

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Walt Hunter and Jarris Varnrobinson
An attorney is demanding that ABC 15 retract a story accusing her clients -- two Arizona police officers -- of making mistakes during investigations that prompted the Pinal County Attorney's Office to drop those cases.

Television reporter Navideh Forghani, reporting on how former Florence police detectives Jarris Varnrobinson and Walt Hunter handled a 2010 rape case, told viewers that there were five other cases the county attorney's office had to drop because of the officers' mistakes.

Attorney Lynne Bernabei, representing the cops, wrote to ABC 15 News Director Pat Costello demanding "a retraction of the false and unsupported statements about Mr. Hunter and Mr. Varnrobinson made in the story, which Ms. Forghani knew were false, or which she made with reckless disregard for the truth."

We've left a message for Costello seeking comment.

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More from Bernabei's letter:

On March 6, 2014, ABC15 aired a story by reporter Navideh Forghani captioned "2 Florence police officers investigated over rape case," and posted an article reiterating the story on its website.

In her story, Ms. Forghani describes an Arizona rape trial in which my clients interviewed the seventeen-year-old alleged victim. Ms. Forghani attributes various investigative errors to our clients in that case, and goes on to state: "The mistakes didn't stop at this one case. The [Pinal] county attorney's office says it had to drop five cases, blaming mistakes by both Hunter and Varnrobinson." This statement is false, and Ms. Forghani knew it was false or made the statement without regard for the truth.

The Pinal County Attorney's Office denies ever telling Ms. Forghani it had to "drop five
cases" because of our clients. In fact, the office denies ever speaking with Ms. Forghani about these allegations.

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Ten Bears
Ten Bears

Here is a key for YOU ALL TO REMEMBER: IF YOU TAKE AW OUT OF THE WORD LAWYER YOU GET LYER AND THATS WHAT THEY DO lie! professional liars! They confer with opposing lawyers to figure out how long they can milk a case for the greatest amount of money a client or pawn has! Show me one that doesnt meet with opposing counsel to see what they will compromise on?

Brent Niemerg
Brent Niemerg

But judging the media based off of one police attorney's letter is okay because the police never make mistakes, nor would they ever lie to cover them up.

Jody A. Self
Jody A. Self

Proof once again that the media is willing to report stories true or not just to try and make people believe what they say. Unfortunately their are to many sheep in this world willing to believe whatever the new stations tell us without looking at different versions of stories. That is why I spend time reading many different news reports before I am willing to pass any judgment.


Typical rape culture. Predator is free of any charges, victim is mistreated by the system and justice is rarely served, depending on who you are (particularly your social status and skin color).

In an unrelated note, the heir of Du Pont was sentenced to probation for molesting his kids because the judge considered that "he will not fare well in prison".

Rob Bot
Rob Bot

That Attorney needs to fuck off. It's already out in the public anyways, can't cover this one up.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

More reason why viewers should take anything they see on channel 15 news with a grain of salt. Ditto for channel 5.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@eric.nelson745  if you want a good laugh, go to a site called            yes its a humor site, but they also get some very interesting articles that are written with a humorous edge about some things that are factual. they have done a bunch of different articles you might find pretty good about stories that the media took and ran with that were completely bunk and had no fact or substance, yet the general public tokk as reality and went viral with. some of the stuff is interesting and some of it is just so goddam silly you will have a hard time believing people believed it. (if you remember Cracked magazine........its the same people) when you go there, remember a lot of it is tongue in cheek, but some of it is actually real articles that will be kind of mind blowing or just amazing with how obvious or overlooked things are

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@eric.nelson745  Ditto in general for all mainstream media... only the independents have any integrity left

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