Fort Huachuca to Get Military's Largest Solar-Power Setup

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Air Force Staff Sgt. Vanessa Valentine

The U.S. Army announced today that Fort Huachuca, in southern Arizona, will get the largest solar installation of any military base.

Groundbreaking on the project is supposed to start this week, and it's part of the Army's effort to be producing one gigawatt of renewable energy on its military installations.

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Tucson Electric Power will fund, own, maintain, and operate the project, which will provide about 25 percent of Fort Huachuca's annual electricity.

Fort Huachuca, located about 15 miles north of the border with Mexico, is home to the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command/9th Army Signal Command.

The Army has a dedicated "Energy Initiatives Task Force" that's tasked with achieving that gigawatt of renewable energy, and according to its website, projects representing about 130 megawatts (13 percent of the goal) are under way.

That includes solar-power systems in Maryland, Texas, and California, and other renewable-energy projects in New York and Hawaii.

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Too bad the wind generator does not function someone at EPG dropped the ball on O&M and it has been down for almost a year!

Tyson Troy Dalgai
Tyson Troy Dalgai

Well its at least a start! Happy Earth Day everybody! Please throw your shit away

Tom Adikes
Tom Adikes

Why the fuck do they have to build on virgin desert? Seems like covering every flat-topped building with panels would be much better, but our State-sanctioned monopolies just wouldn't go for that.

Mike Gray
Mike Gray

Putting Green lipstick on a pig...

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