Yavapai Board of Supervisors Votes in Support of Marijuana Prohibition

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The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Monday in support of the continued jailing and prosecution of marijuana users.

Influenced by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, a staunch marijuana foe, the 4-0 vote for a resolution in favor of prohibition was calculated to help derail planned legalization efforts.

A poll last month showed half the state wants marijuana legalized, and the Marijuana Policy Project considers Arizona a target state for a ballot initiative in 2016.

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Led by Polk on the issue, the Supervisors intend to "lend our support to start a stormwall, I guess that would be the best term, in anticipation of them trying to make Arizona another Colorado," says Rowle Simmons, the board's chairman.

Rowle Simmons, chairman of the Yavapai Board of Supervisors
As Simmons points out, Yavapai County is heavily conservative -- perhaps the most conservative county in the state. Although a the Rocky Mountain Poll released in mid-February shows the state leans towards legalization, Simmons says he's certain that's not the case in Yavapai County.

One glaring problem with legalization, Simmons says, is that marijuana is still against federal law. But the former Prescott mayor laughed when New Times suggested he's implying Arizonans must submit to the will of the federal government.

"I'm not saying I endorse [the federal law] -- I'm saying it's reality," he says.

Yet with Monday night's vote, Simmons and the other Supervisors suggested that they do support continuing prohibition.

Precisely why he supports it, though, Simmons found tough to explain. We asked him why it was better to arrest and jail marijuana users -- as is currently done in Arizona, except for registered medicinal users -- than to let them be.

"I don't know," was his answer.

If that implies there is no good answer, he's right.

Ironically, Prescott -- the county seat -- is perhaps best-known for its historic Whiskey Row, the site of flagrant violations of the former prohibition against selling alcohol.

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You fuc  kers need to rot in hell. You ignorantly favor destroying lives for a plant over cocktails. I hope you get your due.. in between the eyes.. PIGS. 


It makes no sense to come out in support of something when it has neither been debated nor has any evidence been examined to come to that conclusion.  I get it, the council has made up its mind to support continued prohibition of marijuana. Sheila Polk wants to take a stand because a few Colorado law enforcement officers said that they should have been more proactive there to prevent marijuana from becoming legal. All but one on the council failed to understand that when Colorado choose not to continue marijuana prohibition it was probably due to the lack of evidence that prohibition works. I don't think the people there are stupid.  If the prohibitionists had evidence of marijuana's harm or that prohibition works they would not have lost in either Colorado or Washington.  It is not difficult to show that prohibition does far more harm than good.  It does worry me to think that conservatives make up their minds before they examine any evidence and that they are unable to explain their actions. If it makes me liberal to want to examine the evidence, then so be it.  


What do you expect, common sense from an Arizona republican. When has that happened since Stinky Finger Jan became Governor? Don't say "she vetoed 1062", the fact that it took her as long as it did and it had to do the damage it did...BEFORE she vetoed it, that tells the real story.


he gets his ideas from putin!

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