Top Five Coolest Products at the Border Security Expo

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Sarah Dinell

The 8th Annual Border Security Expo kicked off yesterday, with 125 companies gathering in the Phoenix Convention Center to show off their latest technologies. Environmentally friendly products like solar powered drones and electric cars seemed to be the big trend this year, enabling border officials to simultaneously crack down on immigration and save the planet.

But along with the standard high-tech surveillance systems and many, many guns, some of exhibits featured pretty cool products. Forget border officials, here's the top five coolest technologies we wish we had.

5.) ID Authentication Systems

Sarah Dinell

While it's not a new technology, these automated ID authentication systems from Regula Forensics are about as sophisticated as you can get. After scanning driver's licenses or passports, regular and infrared scans are processed through a computer which verifies whether or not the ID is, in fact, legit. Perfect for those underage drinkers with a spare $50,000 who want to check whether the "real" ID they bought from China actually checks out. Oh, and I guess the border patrol could find it useful as well.

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"We Se Everything"

Technology out of control!

Sick Sexual Deviate, and Racist Sheriffs, Police, D.P.S.even the Air National Guard have been using this un-constitutional Thermal Veiwing to warrantlessly watch "We the People" right inside the so called Privacy of our American Homes for over ten years, flying it above us with hundreds of multi million dollar disguised polytechnic  U.A.V.'s

Our Founding Fathers would have lined up every peeping perverted Government Coward in these un-constitutional spying programs in front of a FIRING SQUAD!

Our Fallen Heroes gave thier lives to protect the very Constitution, and Freedom that these sick Cowards are currently Trashing!

To the peeping perverted Government  Cowards in these Covert  Communistic spying programs, you are no Americans, you are the enimies of Freedom, and our Flag!

To: Liberty.



Not Border specific, however look outside today, there isn't a natural cloud in the sky yet we are nearly covered over by spreading chemtrails of white aerosol.

The more they spray in the atmosphere the more residue falls , and the more white haze in the air we must breathe.

Alzhiemers is now what the number three killer in the U.S.?!

How about a little "Honesty, and Transperancy " from our Government regarding this chemical cloud cover?!!

When the Government harms the people they should be removed, and replaced?!

Time to Remove a bunch of "Tyrants".

To: Liberty.



Sadly our out of control Government is "ignoring it"

They think the U.S. Constitution only applies to above board things they do, not to their disgusting, peeping cowering covert dirty deeds.

To: Liberty.

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