Tom Horne's Red Herring Defense Stinks Up Campaign Finance Case

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Lawyers for Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne have hit upon yet another less-than-ingenious strategy to save him and his outreach director, Kathleen Winn, from being found guilty of campaign finance violations and possibly fined $1.2 million.

That is, to accuse FBI agent Brian Grehoski -- one of the federal investigators tasked with looking into Horne's mountain of misdeeds -- of perjury.

Think of it as a Shamu-sized red herring, meant to divert attention from the mountain of evidence against their clients.

Last week, Winn's attorneys Larry Debus and Timothy LaSota, and Horne's lawyer Michael Kimerer, submitted a motion to strike all of Grehoski's testimony, which he made at a recent hearing into alleged illegal coordination between Winn and Horne during the 2010 general election.

The motion to strike suggests Grehoski had an "agenda" in pursuing Horne. This, the writers allege, explains why Grehoski supposedly "testified falsely" regarding phone interviews the FBI did with Horne's real estate broker Greg Tatham.

See, Grehoski and partner Merv Mason spoke with Tatham a couple of times about his work in 2010 helping to sell a $1.3 million piece of property belonging to Horne.

The agents interviewed Tatham in order to check out one of the excuses that Winn and Horne have floated: that the more than five hours of calls that took place between Horne and Winn's cell phones, from October 15 through 28, 2010, had to do with Winn's giving Horne advice on his then-pending real estate deal.

Horne and Winn maintain that this is what they were chatting about. You know, instead of the attack ad Winn was working on during that time, targeting Horne's general election rival, Felecia Rotellini.

Thing is, Winn's name does not appear in any of the legal paperwork or e-mails dealing with the Horne real estate transaction. She's not even cc'd on them.

The FBI agents asked Tatham, husband of former Horne spokeswoman Amy Rezzonico, if he knew whether Horne was soliciting advice from others over the deal.

An FBI report, summarizing the discussions with Tatham, states:

"Tatham was not aware of HORNE ever consulting with KATHLEEN WINN for real estate advise [sic] on the sale of the property. WINN was not involved in the transaction of sale of 1515 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ."

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I guess that getting caught being involved in a hit and run accident with your mistress in the parking lot of her apartment building by the FBI is ok while making a mistake in complicated testimony should be grounds for perjury.  Did Horne(y) learn this at Harvard?


Trying to distract people with BS like this is the way Horne operates.  He knows people won't read the details, they'll just see the headline, "Horne says FBI agent commits perjury," and enough of them will assume it's true to make this worth it.  The same thing happened when commercials ran against him in November:  the commercials were all about the $400k campaign law violation, his affair, his hit and run, etc., and Horne locked in on that the commercial said he "is" being investigated versus "was" being investigated to try and act like that meant something.  Horne is a scumbag and should resign immediately.


Stephen Lemons and his scumbag liberal media buddies should probably take a refresher course in journalism with reporting the correct story. You guys are disgusting.....


He's not gonna pay. 2-1 says he flees the country at the end of his term. peace


Horne may end up like Thomas and his cronies...disbarred, disgraced and maybe do them one better in a federal prison!

TommyCollins topcommenter

*Which leads to the most important question of all: Did the highest law enforcement official in the state of Arizona lie under oath during the hearing into this matter?

Did Tom Horne commit perjury?*

Is the Pope Catholic?

Who has everything to lose and nothing to gain in this matter? Tom Horne.

The agent conducted an investigation and then submitted a report. Job done. He had nothing to gain by being untruthful with regard to sequence of phone calls, etc.

Horne has everything to lose, and it appears he is. 

Horne reminds me of a local county sheriff who always points at someone else for being at fault. Nothing new here.

Move along folks.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

histrionics' is all Horne and his defense team has... typical of someone who is guilty.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I wonder if Hinchey herself is taking the stand?

Or what about Hinchey's boss, former Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jim Keppel?

Horne has much to worry about. I suspect this will factor into the midterm elections big-time. Any order County Attorney Polk issues will have a detrimental effect on Horne's campaign.

I think Brnovich and Rotellini should use this against Horne. Then we'll see how long Horne remains AG.

Cozz topcommenter

Tom Horne stinks up Arizona, period.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

You know, this dirt on Horne is not going to hurt him much so long as major media isn't reporting it. Lemons should copy it to the Repugnant and the big three (CBS, ABC, NBC tv outlets) for starters. I'm sure Joe Dana would love to go into attack mode against Horne.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter


You do know that Benjamin Franklin's family established the media, right?

How exactly is Mr. Lemons and his "scumbag media buddies" liberal? By reporting news on a Republican politician who also happens to be the chief law-enforcement officer for the State of Arizona and who happens to be accused of violating campaign-finance laws?

Perhaps you need a refresher course on what the word "bias" is. If you feel Mr. Lemons didn't get the correct story, email him and let him know so that the "correct" story, which you claim to have, can be reported.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@rj1laxpro Very nice. Your comment contains so much substance. I'm sure someone cares what you have to say.


Is that the best you can do, attempt to smear Lemons and claim competence in journalism?
You imply that Lemons needs to report "the correct story".  So what is the correct story?  Do you have "the correct story", because if you do, Fake Name, why don't you post it here?
If not, then please STFU.



Besides campaign finance law breaking, and wrong doing Baby Face  Horne Hit and ran a Vehichle while leaving his sex buddies home while cheating on his wife, so who is disgusting?!

Good thing he was being watched by the F.B.I. to help him stay "Honest"?!

Wake up Scum Bag..

Good reporting Mr. Lemons, thank you for exposing Arizona's Crooked Politicians!



When he "flees"  I hope he dosen't hit any cars backing out of his girl freinds driveway?!

peace pipe.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

That's a good idea Eric. If every news station in Arizona starts covering this Horne bullshit, Horne will likely become even more afraid to lose his job.



I agree the stinch on Horne is no different than the stinch on many of Arizona's corrupt Politicians, Arpaio, Montgomery, Brewer, Pearce, and Klan,ect.

Even after much polishing, corrupt "Turds" still reak the smeel of shtt.

Atleast they cover each others crimes..

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