Phoenix Detective Who Survived Shooting Released From the Hospital

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One of the two Phoenix police detectives who was shot earlier this week has been released from the hospital.

Detective John Hobbs, 43, died on Monday after being shot by 28-year-old William Thornton. Police Chief Daniel Garcia announced today that the other detective who was shot, 37-year-old Albert Casados, has been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Hobbs and Casados, detectives in Phoenix PD's Major Offender Bureau, had been tracking Thornton, who had a warrant for his arrest, and was also suspected of shooting a man in Phoenix last month.

The detectives were working undercover, but Thornton apparently figured them as police officers on Monday, and attempted to evade them in his car, but he ended up crashing his car near 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road and running away.

At one point, police say Thornton started shooting at the detectives, who were joined by a third detective in the chase. Thornton shot Hobbs and Casados, and the detectives shot back.

Thornton was pronounced dead at the scene, while Hobbs and Casados were hospitalized. Hobbs died that afternoon.

Chief Garcia said Casados was released from the hospital this morning, and is recovering at home. He's been with Phoenix PD for nine years, and has spent three of those years with the Major Offender Bureau.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos said Casados was shot once in the side, and once in the leg.

As for Thornton, state prison records show he was released from prison in January after serving about 18 months of a two-year sentence for resisting arrest and drug possession out of Maricopa County. A warrant was issued for his arrest a few weeks after his release for absconding from parole. Police believe he shot a man, who lived, just a few days prior. The Arizona Republic obtained files detailing Thornton's troubled life, from childhood, which you can read about here.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

William Thornton was merely exercising his RIGHT to Self-Defense against multiple ARMED stalkers who meant to do him harm.

Cris Cross
Cris Cross

Why do we have to give a shit. They don't cry when they kill citizens. So i wont cry for them.

Brandon Brian
Brandon Brian

Those cops alive should get in trouble . Shootin up a busy city bloock for one guy.. thought it was proto call to back off dangerous car cases for incidents like this... That like shootin up phx a for a half pound of grass...


Why the fuck was that idiot, US Marshal David Gonzales interviewed about this shooting?  The idiot had no standing in the matter, it didn't involve any of his people and he has little credibility in mu personal opinion.  The guy is a complete piece of shit looking to get his face on TV as much as he can.  I wonder if he still wants to take Arapios position once he retires.  God help us if this happens?  Ya ever see Gonazles's lawyer wife, and close friend of Janet Napolitano....nuff said!


Thank you sir. I can t thank you enough for your sacrifice and courage......Thank you again Mr.Casados and Mr.Hobbs.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Pamela, where was Dave Gonzales mentioned in the article?

I would personally campaign for Gonzales if he wanted to take the old man's position. And I would be willing to get Gonzales wins.

This article discusses the Phoenix detectives who were shot and one was killed. You need to go back to school.

Cozz topcommenter


You are a total moron and don't know nothing about David Gonzales.

Go back to sucking on your crack pipe.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Cozz, just a thought but Pamela could be one of JAFfy's troll accounts.

Either way, you hit the nail square on the head.

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