Phoenix-to-Las Vegas Interstate Proposal Gets Signs

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Governor Jan Brewer, standing near what may become an interstate.
Twenty-three years after the first official discussions of a straight, interstate-quality path for vehicles from Phoenix to Las Vegas, there finally is physical evidence of progress: some signs.

There's no construction date, no funding, and the studies aren't even done, but the Arizona Department of Transportation has put up four "Future I-11 Corridor" signs along the proposed path of the interstate.

Congress designated Interstate 11 in a 2012 transportation bill, which started the process of the studies. According to ADOT:
The Interstate 11 and Intermountain West Corridor Study is a two‐year, multi-phase, high‐level study examining the feasibility, benefits, opportunities and constraints of a proposed new interstate highway corridor. This initial study is expected to be completed later this year. Funding to construct a potential corridor has not been identified. In addition to the Arizona and Nevada departments of transportation, the Maricopa Association of Governments, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, Federal Highway Administration, and Federal Railroad Administration are partners in the study.
The initial study phase is scheduled to be completed by July, but there would still be additional studies that would have to be done before any construction started.

The goal is to eventually have an interstate that runs from Canada to Mexico, with Vegas and Phoenix along the route.

According to the reports, U.S. 93, from Wickenburg to Las Vegas, would be used for the route. The bridge to bypass the Hoover Dam opened in 2010, and much of the stretch has been widened to four lanes (two on each side) over the years. According to one of these reports, there are only about 45 miles of highway that still needs to be widened to four lanes. Other changes would have to be made to meet the interstate safety standards.

Until all that happens, there are just the signs.

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...and thirty minutes later the first "Future I-11 Corridor" was shot with a .357 magnum. 

Maggie Shaw
Maggie Shaw

So I read is a shame we can not eliminate some vehicle traffic though.

Darren Tonnessen
Darren Tonnessen

I would love a train, however it's not likely. The purpose of turning the route into an Interstate is for commerce (ie. semi trucks) between AZ, NV, & Mexico.

Pete Puebla
Pete Puebla

I think a train would be a great idea.


Maybe they should put up a bunch of "Future High-Speed Luxury Monorail System" signs. That should spur investment in the state, and there'd be no need to actually build anything.


Wow Jan almost looks human, has she had more surgery? But those hips tell me she has been doing the the late night ice cream thing.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@unmutual Yep. She needs to keep her jacket closed. Her age is certainly showing.

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