Maricopa County Population Growth Rate Second-Highest in the Country

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There's only one county in the nation that had a larger population growth last year than Maricopa County.

Maricopa County's population grew by nearly 69,000 people last year, second only to Harris County, Texas, which is home to Houston.

According to Census Bureau statistics, about 40 percent of that population boost came from births outpacing deaths. There were more than 54,000 births in Maricopa County last year, but around 27,000 deaths.

The rest of the gain comes from migration. More than 31,000 people moved to Maricopa County from somewhere else in the country, and more than 8,000 came to Maricopa County from another country.

Meanwhile, five counties actually lost people over 2013. Cochise County's population was down nearly 2 percent. In four counties, including Yavapai County, there were more deaths than births.

The state population as a whole went up more than 75,000, which puts the statewide population estimate at more than 6.6 million people.

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Whether Arizona is a breeding ground for white extremism. Or the fact that old people from the northeast and midwest regions are growing wary of the wintry pains. Its not surprising. Lots of good Americans are moving out of state, while racist extremists and elderly Republicans are moving in.

valleynative topcommenter

This is probably pretty confusing to all the people who read the headline three weeks ago,

"Maricopa County's Population Turnover Rates Among Highest in the Nation" and thought that meant that our population was dropping.


@Warrior-X I think you have it backwards breh.  White racists are a dying breed (too bad the other ethnicities are growing in racist beliefs).  The populations moving in are not what you claim they are.
  I'm born and raised, the rebel flags were everywhere when I was young, now they are rarely seen.


@TRUTHDOTCOM Racism and racists is still alive and well in this country. And if you foolishly think they are "dying". Then you're a fool. Open your eyes, son. They exist among us. Since you claimed to have grown up with rebel flags and the old KKK. Well guess what, the real KKK today does not wear the frivolous white sheets. They wear white shirt and a tie. And they tend to take positions in the political spectrum through media, organizations, and public offices. Since it's you who is "backwards", you fail to realize the growth of Hate Groups since the turn the of the century.


@Warrior-X @TRUTHDOTCOM breh, the KKK is a joke and a shell of what it once was, that is well documented.  Yes, I understand there are other organizations that preach the same type of hatred, they are not large or powerful either.  Yes, I do also agree with you that racists may hide it better, but again, that does not mean they are growing in numbers.  Do you understand that discrimination is defined under racism?  That would mean even groups that are not normally viewed as racist like the NAACP or Chicanos Por La Causa are technically racist (even though I personally don't have a problem with either). Anyway, the only white racists left are xenophobic and thats unfortunate for them because science tells us if humans sustain long enough on this planet humans will all eventually be brown then black based from dominant vs recessive genes.  Anyway, I know for a fact racism by whites has dropped dramatically in this state, if you think because US citizens do not like illegal immigrants is racist, that is a completely separate issue and topic, sorry.  Agree to disagree. PEACE

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