John Kavanagh's Roast of Joe Arpaio Sets Liberal Ninnies Aflame with False Indignation

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To read all the fake outrage spewed by schoolmarmish lefties over state Representative John Kavanagh's skewering of Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a recent roast of the aged autocrat, you'd think Kavanagh had shot a Mexican man in Reno just to watch him die.

Don't get me wrong, I take a back seat to no one in spanking the right-wing Republican from Fountain Hills whenever I can.

I've ripped Kavanagh new orifices in the past over his support for Arizona's ethnic-cleansing law, Senate Bill 1070, and for his slavish political alliance with recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

I've excoriated Kavanagh, chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, for accepting free trips for himself and his wife to Azerbaijan and Commie China, and then turning around and sticking it to poor Arizonans with a bill to restrict panhandling.

Why, this year alone, I've written two columns slapping around the former cop with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. And I've devoted one column entirely to his 2014 Democratic challenger, Paula Pennypacker.

But the liberal reaction to his about 20 minutes on stage February 22 at the Western Conservative Conference's Arpaio roast (held at the Phoenix Convention Center) has been downright ridiculous.

Have these nudniks never before seen a roast on Comedy Central?

The Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that usually spends its time hunting neo-Nazis, played thought police, publishing an article titled, "Exclusive: Latinos are Punch Line at Joe Arpaio Roast."

In reality, the story was not particularly exclusive, as other media were present at the event, including one local Fox 10 camera.

Also, the wingding streamed live, with local media people like myself, Brahm Resnik, and former Arizona Republic reporter Robbie Sherwood, chiming in with tweets.

Robbie is a lefty. He didn't flip his lid.

Kavanagh's zingers elicited zero indignation from these tweeters, probably because the jokes were told at Arpaio's expense. And for the most part, the jokes were funny.

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I wonder how many undocumented euphemisms perished in the desert during that roast. Pobrecita! 

TommyCollins topcommenter

A few tasteless jokes about a tasteless old elderly elected official. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a decapitated former Republican office holder. One of many.


Who is Lemons? Who is Kavanaugh? I guess I am not up to date on whose who in Arizona lately!;-) Now one would have to be dead, brain dead or senile to not know who Joe "Marquis De Sade" Arpaio is!

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Considering this is coming from a guy who wanted to criminalize the use of the wrong restroom, it's freakin hilarious.

Joe Kennedy
Joe Kennedy

Kavanaugh is offensive all on his own.

dennis20 topcommenter

Not funny. Just racist and bullying. Bullying is a hoot if it isn't directed at you. The damage caused to children and families by Arpaio's racial profiling is now considered fair game and laughable for republican wingnuts. I don't see the humer in it. 


"The restaurant industry would collapse if there were no undocumented folk around to do the work that ofays won't do."- not true.  The industry would be fine just like in several other areas with restaurants in towns that are not overrun with undocumented people.  If not, the price for a dishwasher goes up.


You mean your heads were exploding one by one?


Okay, Stephen, so you asked Sidiqqi about it, but... "Hell, it's the kind of joke a liberal or conservative Hispanic might tell, though most hate Joe so much (and for good reason) that you'd be hard-pressed to find anybody who'd admit it."

Did you use your crack investigative skills to find that out, or was it just a guess?

Cozz topcommenter

I have to admit, all this stuff Kavanagh said was pretty funny, considering every bit of it's true about Bozo Joe.

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@TheyCallMeMrTibbs  actually, the prostitution sting joke IS a keeper. that was burning the old man, and thats what a roast is supposed to be about.............................................(hadnt heard that one till i read this, that one gets a thumbs up just like a sidewalk or parking lot boulder joke would)


@robert_graham you sir, are out of line, and a dickhead to boot. you obviously wouldn't know a whore if there was one sitting on your smarmy little face, nor could you buy one with cold hard cash.


@TommyCollins @vagabond545454

Guess your living proof of the old corny saying "Opinions are like the unmentionable part of our anatomy we all have one we all think everyone else's stinks but our own"1:-)

TommyCollins topcommenter

Proudly, Vaga, proudly I am. You have your stinky opinion, I have mine.

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