Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta Endorses Ruben Gallego for Congress

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ManOfTwoHavanas via YouTube
Dolores Huerta and Ruben Gallego
Dolores Huerta, the woman who co-founded the United Farm Workers alongside Cesar Chavez, says that state former Representative Ruben Gallego is "one of the brightest and most effective young Latino leaders" that she's ever worked with.

And that's why she's endorsing his campaign for the seat of retiring Congressman Ed Pastor in Arizona's 7th Congressional District. She also supported Gallego during his 2010 campaign for the state Legislature. He retired last week to focus on his congressional campaign.

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ManOfTwoHavanas via YouTube
Dolores Huerta and Ruben Gallego
The two have rallied for the same anti-immigrant causes, marched together against Arizona's draconian laws, like SB 1070, which gives local police authority to detain anyone they suspect might be in the country illegally.

Huerta, in a statement, says that Gallego will serve Arizona and Latinos well in Congress.

"Ruben is a stalwart advocate for immigration reform and his commitment to advancing the circumstances of working people, especially Latinos, is undeniable. He's the ideal candidate to replace Congressman Ed Pastor, and he is capable of handling the enormous responsibility that comes with representing his community."

Even in her 80s, Huerta continues advocating for social justice through the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

The race in CD7 promises to be crowded -- typical when a seat in Congress opens up after decades of being securely held by a mostly beloved incumbent. Pastor was the first Latino Arizona voters elected to Congress in 1991.

Along with Gallego, Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, and Arizona Senator Steve Gallardo and some guy named Cesar Chavez have announced their intent to run for Pastor's seat. There are a smattering of other candidates who've also indicated they're mulling the idea, including Reverend Jarrett Maupin, former congressional candidate Randy Camacho and Phoenix Councilman Danny Valenzuela.

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Huertra is from California and Gallego is from back east somewhere. 

He's a carpet bagger who's been dodging debates and public forums.  Who know's what he is hiding.

He a divider of our communities and has aligned himself with other DIVIDERS, such as Nowakowski, of the Phoenix City Council. 

Francisco Cortez
Francisco Cortez

Huerta and Gallegos are two great Americans that fight hard for the working class. God bless them!

Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

that seat is reserved for the only true latina in AZ, our leader in the mexican rights fight, mary rose wilcox! how dare these idiots split the hispanic vote with his nonsense! viva wilcox, viva la raza!

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I think I'll support Representative Gallego. I think he'll make a fine Congressman.


Immigration Reform

Human Rights in America

"Si Su Puede".

America can wage wars to liberate countries that hate us, surely we can treat the good hard working Christian Families amoung us as "Human".

To: Good, and Brotherhood, from Sea to shining Sea?!

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