Arizona "Revenge Porn" Bill Passed by House

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The Arizona House of Representatives voted unanimously yesterday in favor of a bill that would make it a felony offense to share someone else's nude pictures without his or her permission.

Arizona is among several states that are taking up so-called "revenge porn" legislation this year.

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There are exceptions to Arizona's bill, such as if the photograph is part of lawful medical treatment, or done in the context of law enforcement, or if the person in the photograph voluntarily exposed themselves in public.

There was some opposition in the earlier stages of the bill, as a few legislators who thought that anyone who took nude pictures of themselves should have known it was likely their images would end up online.

"You can't absolve somebody of complete stupidity," Republican Representative Eddie Farnsworth said at one committee hearing.

Yesterday, though, everyone was in agreement, with a 58-0 vote in favor of the bill.

Republican Representative Warren Petersen cited cases in which people have committed suicide after their nude photos ended up online without their consent.

"[These images are] always looming -- it never ceases to harass humiliate and depress those who don't want their images displayed to the world," Peterson, a sponsor of the bill, said. "You can't move on, the horror just keeps replaying over and over again."

The bill now moves over to the Senate.

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Natalie Dawn
Natalie Dawn

Funny how the only people saying this law is dumb are guys.

Steve Palermo
Steve Palermo

Is this really a problem? And Mina, point well taken. But thats not the context of this bill. Not an attorney, but pretty sure it is already illegal for a peeping Tom or stalker to take a nude video without someone's knowledge and distribute on the internet.

Mina D Vane
Mina D Vane

If u have a daughter/son and/or husband/wife whose life has been DESTROYED by an a-hole ex who decided to post pics or even a peeping tom taking pics than posting it on the internet of sum1 u love i wonder if u wld still call it "dumb"or "hard to belive..." Theres sick ppl out there who likes to see ppl suffer-this bill is well warranted!

Cozz topcommenter

Yes you can Eddie, the voters here do all the time for you morons.

"You can't absolve somebody of complete stupidity," Republican Representative Eddie Farnsworth said at one committee hearing.

david_saint01 topcommenter

im not against this, but was this really more important than creating jobs or economic growth? 

valleynative topcommenter

In another 50 years or so, people won't be able to make any sort of foolish mistake that the government won't step in and fix for them.  Partied away your chance at an education?  Don't worry, we'll give you unemployment, food stamps and free health insurance.   Bought a house you couldn't really afford?  Well, why should you suffer for that?  Voluntarily gave naked pictures to somebody you assumed you'd be with forever?  How could you have been expected to know better?

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@david_saint01  Agreed...

You might be interested in this David. Another fine example of Arizona wasting money, while making up laws that only apply to a few and forcing the religious right down ppls throat -

Hopefully NT will do some research and a story on this

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@valleynative  This is one of your more bullshit sarcasm posts, EVER.

While yes, people need to grow up and take care of themselves, do you say the same about someone who steals your name or id? 99% of ID theft comes from voluntary giving of the information, so I guess we should just do away with all laws about ID theft and look at it that you were too stupid to keep your info private.... you were too stupid to trust that the place/person you gave your information to willingly... 

Hey, you gave them the information willingly, you should have known that they would misuse it, so yeah, why should you suffer for that, how could you have been expected to know better..

This is not nanny legislation, this is no different from ID Theft, or a 'friend' stealing from your house after you invite them over - well you should have known better, right?

Stop trying to make everything political, sometimes it's actually just a matter of doing what is right.

Please, grow up.

valleynative topcommenter

@Flyer9753 @valleynative 

You can't see a difference between giving a business information required to complete a transaction, and giving your boyfriend a picture of yourself naked?

They're really not very similar situations at all.


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