Arizona Diamondbacks Still the Cheap-Beer Champions of Major League Baseball

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Andrew Pielage

Good news, Diamondbacks fans: Chase Field is still home to the cheapest beer in baseball.

Fourteen ounces of beer at a Diamondbacks game is still $4, making this at least the fifth season in a row the D-backs have had the cheapest beer in baseball.

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Actually, the "Fan Cost Index," measures Diamondbacks games as the cheapest in baseball, for the eighth year in a row.

That basket of goods includes the price of four average tickets, two beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking for one car, two programs, and two adult-sized hats. The annual Team Marketing Report measures the Diamondbacks' index at a little less than $127, which is easily the cheapest in the MLB. The San Diego Padres are the second-cheapest, at more than $153, and it goes all the way up to the Boston Red Sox, at more than $350.

Although the D-backs' $4, 14-ounce beer doesn't sound that great compared to the price of a beer outside of Chase Field, consider that fans of other teams all have it worse. At Fenway Park, a 12-ounce beer is $7.75, which is up 50 cents over last year.

With that, happy Opening Day.

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Tom Hokans
Tom Hokans

Yeah, you can wash down the $20 corn dog with it.

Drew William
Drew William

supply and demand... no wonder red sox have the priciest beer and d backs least expensive.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith

The $4 beer is at the specialty beer carts and are only bud/miller/coors. I'll stick with the $11 Shock Top.

Brian Curry
Brian Curry

The beer that I saw being hawked by the vendor was 8.50 for a small one tonight

Sean Sederstrom
Sean Sederstrom

Is the plan to get everyone drunk enough that they won't notice the D-Backs blow a four run lead?

Marco Cruz
Marco Cruz

any "beer" that light can shine through, shouldnt be considered beer. grow nuts and grab a real brew, pansies. bud and miller are the kings of piss.

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