Tom Horne's Rivals Felecia Rotellini and Mark Brnovich on Channel 3's Politics Unplugged

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This Sunday, Channel 3's Politics Unplugged focused on Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's legal woes, and featured the two candidates who'd like to replace him: Republican Mark Brnovich and Democrat Felecia Rotellini.

Brnovich aims to bump off Horne in the GOP primary, and Rotellini wants a general election re-match with Horne, who bested her by 60,000 votes statewide in 2010.

Both lamented the spectacle of our top prosecutor's being buttressed by criminal defense attorneys and having to face off against prosecutors from the Yavapai County Attorneys Office concerning allegations of campaign-finance shenanigans.

Channel 3
Rotellini and Brnovich talk Tom Horne, with Dennis Welch (center) of Politics Unplugged

Rotellini, a former assistant Arizona attorney general and onetime head of the state's banking department, touted an ethics-in-government reform package that her campaign released the day after Horne testified.

"We need to give the campaign laws some teeth," she told Politics Unplugged host Dennis Welch. "We need to enhance the penalties by adding criminal sanctions and even removal from office [for violators].

"And we need to shed light on independent expenditures, which have become the playground of dirty politics, and dirty tricks, because they're done under a cloak of secrecy."

Welch asked Brnovich if he would like to see the law concerning "coordination" between candidates and independent-expenditure committees tightened up.

"I really don't think there's any confusion as to what the law is in this specific instance," Brnovich replied. "First week as a prosecutor, you learn there's an old saying, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck.

"In these hearings, there's no allegation [Horne] misunderstood the law, he is basically denying it. Either he and [Horne's outreach director] Kathleen Winn are telling the truth or they are lying."

Check out the full video of Felecia Rotellini and Mark Brnovich on Channel 3's Politics Unplugged

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Horne is just one of many Crooked Turds swirling around in Arizona's Political Cesspool of Coruption.

The entire Cesspool needs to be pumped clean for a better Arizona.

Right Jan, Joe, Bill, Tom, ect, ect.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I'd love to see Horne booted out by either Brnovich or Rotellini.

That would be like twice-disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Pearce without the recall election. Horne and Pearce both speak with forked tongue and need to slither back under their rocks....

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