Tom Horne Testifies, Channels Bill Clinton

pool photo/Tom Tingle/Arizona Republic
Horne before he testified: Someone cue the Beatles' "Yesterday"...

(By Wednesday, Horne's legal "dream team" had dropped the ludicrous assertion that someone else, other than Horne and Winn, might have used their cell phones to make these calls. Dumb stuff, especially since Horne admitted to me he paid his phone bill from that time, and then under oath, did not dispute the calls, just the content.)

Fields didn't press this point. But he deftly explored Horne's Clinton-esque interpretation of campaign finance laws.

Horne said President Obama and Mitt Romney directed people to contribute to IEs in 2012, so what he did in 2010 was OK.

Prosecutor Fields noted that the October 27 e-mail also included information about strategy, such as depicting Rotellini as opposed to Senate Bill 1070, and linking her to unions. Fields indicated this would violate a prong of the federal election law guidelines, used in part by Arizona officials.

Sure, that strategic advice got forwarded to Winn, too, Horne explained, but he ignored it, so that doesn't count.

"Whatever it said there, it made no sense to me, and I paid no attention it," Horne stated. "I had my ads running. This was directed to me, not to an independent campaign....It was the last two weeks of the election. My ads had a strategy from a nationally known, sophisticated consultant...That part of his e-mail was utterly meaningless to me."

Horne slices the salami so thin on this one you can see through it. At one point in the testimony, he complained that, with e-mails, you have to forward everything, you can't pick and choose.

Maybe not if you're in a hurry. Horne was desperate to beat Rotellini at all costs. This guy would have sold his alleged mistress Carmen Chenal to Al-Qaeda, if it would've helped. That's assuming they'd have taken her.

And he and Winn say they never used this info, as the BLA ad was done on October 21.

Thing is, this e-mail is far from the only evidence of coordination between Win and Horne. There's the mountain of calls between the two, and there's Winn's use of the words "we" and mention of her having "many masters" in her e-mails to Murray, as she's confabbing with Horne.

In her testimony, Winn said the plural pronouns involved other people involved in the IE, even though in a sworn affidavit, she said she ran the IE and created the ad with no help from anyone, save Brian Murray.

Finally, there is the letter of state law itself, which Horne is alleged to have abridged.

Take a look below at the definition of "independent expenditure" in Arizona Revised Statutes 16-901. The italics are mine.

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

hold on a Tom Horne, the guy who thinks he's smarter than everybody, doesnt understand a email? the guy smarter than everybody else, doesnt know how to cut and paste messages, or even select content? wouldnt that be kind of like "dont open an email if you dont know who its from"??? if you are an elected official and you get an email you dont understand......................why would you forward it with your name attached to it? also if you dont read it or understand do you know  who to forward it to?  Tom knew who to forward it to, 

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Horne's done. It's official.

He just admitted he violated the law. The same law he swore to uphold.

Boot him out. Now.


Arizonan's Do you know how to:

#1  Lie.

#2  Cheat.

#3. Steal.

#4. Want to be a Bigot.

#5. Help cover up, and hide Corruption

#6. Cook Record Books.

#7.  Use others around you as Scape Goats..

#8. Accept Bribes.

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions please run for Political Office in Arizona.

This message is in no way affiliated with the M.C.S.O., the Attorney Generals Office, the Maricopa County Attorneys Office, or the G.O.P. Party, and or G.O.P. Extremist wing Nuts or Neo Nazi's.


Campaign finance law is not always easy to understand ,but from what I have been reading hear, it sure looks like Horne violated the law. It is about time Arizona gets an AG with integrity . This is why I will vote for Rotellini.   

Cozz topcommenter

Calm, you bet, Horne like all politicians are professional liars and can lie through their teeth as calm as can be.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

""I absolutely did not give any input in the ad," Horne declared. "We never talked about it...I'm absolutely certain. We knew we could not and we did not."

Shades of NJ Gov. Christie? 


A thought bubble over Horne's head would read, I got this...She really digs me. 


A thought bubble over Judge Eigenheer's head would read:  This guy is so full of shit. 


A thought bubble over Judge Eigenheer's head would read: This guy is so full of shit. 


I want to see some perjury  here, obvious lies under oath are obvious.


5 hours of calls in 13 days, who is Horne trying to B.S. Horne is a shining example of what is wrong in this state. peace

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Friends, real estate and Arizona "prison" state?

Mark  Goldman, friend of Chuck Coughlin, High Ground lobbyist / CCA?  Or Mark Goldman, friend of Andrew Thomas, who testified in the Arizona Supreme Court disciplinary hearings against Andrew Thomas / Lisa Aubuchon (both disbarred April 2012) and Rachel Alexander (sanctioned)? Who are all these people?  

Real estate transactions? Who's handling the real estate transactions and land deals for the jails, prisons, detention centers in the state of Arizona?  Just saying... as Arizona has ramped up to become the "dumping" grounds for other states' prisoners, creating liabilities for Arizona's taxpayers. Meanwhile, the conservative states have cut their prison population, reformed draconian sentencing laws and saved THEIR taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars -- while, our elected officials are denigrating their offices and wasting taxpayers dollars on their soap operas?

Reminds us... (Clinton hearing) while the media and the nation were focused on the semen on the "blue dress", Bin Laden was planning eventual attacks --  the ancient monuments in Afghanistan, followed by 9/11. 

What is really going on behind the scenes in Arizona? The office of the Attorney General has been disgraced and lacks credibility under its current leadership. Real estate deals about what? The public has a right to know about these "land" deals.  Who's investigating this?

TommyCollins topcommenter

Deny, deny, deny.

But, at least he didn't feign having 'the flu' and he didn't use the 'I don't recall' stature of the local shurf.

He simply tried to lie his way out of the conspiracy.


As always.

david_saint01 topcommenter

lol i was waiting for him to say "i did not have relations with that woman..we just like to hang in bed at lunch"

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

Mr. Lemons, Excellent reporting! Have to come here to find the truth.



"I did not criminally conspire with that Woman, Mrs. Chenal, ur I mean Winn."

"What is is?"


@Cozz  And that is the real reason lie detector test are inadmissible. If everything you say is a lie, then there is no difference to detect.


@ david-saint01

I wonder when they were "wrapping up the property swap", what other property they swapped?

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

@royalphoenix  What applies to the people should apply to those in a position of awesome power and trust.

Reminder: Arizona's zero tolerance policies - preponderance of evidence send ordinary people straight to jail, where they wear jail stripes for their court appearances, not silk jackets and coiffed hair.

Those who enable the accused are treated as if they committed the crime as well. Like "felony murder", even though the person was sitting in a car blocks away and didn't even know it was going to happen and a person was shot and killed.

The system, the prosecutors and lawmakers created for "others", should apply to them. And especially, the top State prosecutor -- the state attorney general. The AG's office has NO credibility and has been turned into a mockery.

The top prosecutors are in a position of trust and awesome power over the people and the federal and taxpayers dollars that pour into the state.

The AG grandstands at the podium that he will take this case --Debra Milke -- to the U.S. Supreme Court myself!! -- after a higher court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, overturned her conviction and sentence, and gave Arizona's justice system a scathing opinion. 

Until Arizona's prosecutors get the same punishment, they want for "others", there will not be equal or fair justice in the state. 

Whose paying for the team of defense lawyers that the ordinary person could never afford for themselves, not even one of them?

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