State Senator Steve Pierce Worries About SB 1062's Effects on "Mega-Events"

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Arizona State Senator Steve Pierce, R-Prescott
In yet another embarrassing interview for Arizona, State Senator Steve Pierce defended SB 1062 on Fox News while urging its veto, and he openly worried about "bad publicity" for the state.

Pierce, a Republican from Prescott, was interviewed by anchor Martha MacCallum and said the intent of the bill had been "misconstrued" yet admitted that the idea behind it was so that businesses could keep some people out.

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Disturbingly, he likened the concept to a business owner hanging up a sign that says "no shirt, no shoes, no service." He left up to the imaginations of Fox News viewers what would be on the sign if SB 1062 became law.

"It was more like reinforcing and codifying if you go into a restaurant and it says, 'no shirt, no shoes, no service -- that, uh, that would be fine; you can do that," Pierce told MacCallum. "You don't have to allow everybody in because maybe it's their religion to not wear a shirt, or maybe you know whatever it be."

After essentially telling viewers the bill does indeed allow blatant discrimination by business owners, perhaps even in a prominent sign hung in the business, Pierce went on to explain that the bill's supporters certainly didn't intend for the bill to encourage discrimination.

"Perception has taken over," Pierce complained, noting that the "same bill" was passed by the Arizona Legislature last year and vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer, "and no one said anything."

Now, "it's gotten the ire of everyone around the world saying it's about gays and lesbians," he said.

At that point, MacCallum reminded him that the bill was, in fact, a response to business owners' decisions to discriminate against same-sex wedding partners. That caused Pierce to again deny the bill would legalize discrimination and again to admit it would allow business owners to "refuse service" to certain customers.

Yet whatever the bill would do, Pierce emphasizes that his main worry now is that "it's damaging to the state."

Confessing he and other Republican lawmakers made a mistake in approving the bill, he hopes for a veto that will "stop all this."

MacCallum asks him about the "idea" that Arizona "shouldn't have the Super Bowl" or the Apple plant in Mesa. Pierce replied that "certainly" he was concerned about those issues.

"Because we're trying to get mega-events from the RNC, the DNC, the Final Four -- a lot of things, and those are all great for our economy," he said. "We don't need to have any bad publicity . . . We're doing everything we can to enhance the businesses coming here. We're hoping we can get this out of the way and go on quickly down the road."

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"You don't have to allow everybody in because maybe it's their religion to not wear a shirt, or maybe you know whatever it be."

Oh right, because you're naturally very concerned for the many people in Arizona who follow the religion of not wearing a shirt.

You filthy weasel, you can't even admit what your law was about, can you?  What exactly is it like to be 65 years old and still unable to tell the truth?


Brewer vetoes SB1062 (finally), as expected. Commence meltdown @Robert_Graham


Maybe if you all elected people who were bright enough to realize what the effect of their actions would be .........................but, the lemmings are getting ready for November as we speak.

Maybe the Dumb Ass should have thought about these "Mega Events"........BEFORE he voted for it.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Jan signs the bill. NFL pulls the Super Bowl out of Glendale. Apple decides not to locate their new facility here. Delta Air Lines curtails operations at Sky Harbor. A gay couple is refused service at a bake shop. They sue. They may lose in Superior Court, the appellate courts, the Arizona Supreme Court, but eventually win in Federal District Court. Then GAME OVER. The Super Bowl is played somewhere else, Apple locates its plant in a gay-friendly state and nobody in Arizona can use their Delta Advantage miles. Logically, the Rs in the legislature will take a much closer look at anything that is proffered by the Center For Arizona Policy, but don't bet on it.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I didn't vote for this idiot Shadeaux.

And even if he wasn't elected, another moron would surely be elected in his place.

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