Russell Pearce Connection Denied by Ralph Heap, Evidence to the Contrary Notwithstanding

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Recently, I addressed the issue of whether or not Republican state Senate hopeful Ralph Heap is a "revenge candidate" for recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce, currently First Vice Chair of the Arizona GOP.

Heap is taking on state Senator Bob Worsley, the guy who buried Pearce by 12 points in the 2012 Republican primary in Legislative District 25.

Seems Heap's campaign was being serviced by sleaze-maestro and Pearce-pimp Constantin Querard. Pearce's nephew Talmage Pearce also was involved in selling Heap to tuskers.

The photo that no longer appears on Ralph Heap's Facebook page...

Thing is, Russell Pearce's stock has fallen so low that many in his hometown of Mesa regard him as a political liability, particularly the folks in LD 25 whom Heap wants to woo -- conservatives who helped put Pearce out to pasture in 2011 by supporting Jerry Lewis in the recall election.

Enter Chris Baker, a political consultant whose career has been intertwined with Querard's. Essentially, Baker declared that henceforth neither Querard nor Talmage Pearce would have anything to do with the Heap campaign.

Thus, putting a little daylight between Heap and Pearce.

Facebook's "edit" feature shows when Heap likely removed the Pearce pic

Save for one big catch: Republican precinct committeewoman Barbara Parker is running the day-to-day operations of the Heap effort, according to Baker.

"The campaign has been managed by Barbara Parker from the get-go," Baker told me, denying Talmage ever managed it.

(Talmage, too, denied any formal role in the campaign, while admitting that he supported Heap and had sent e-mails and done Facebook posts on Heap's behalf.)

Baker made clear that Parker would continue in her role as campaign manager going forward.

Problem is, Parker is known to her detractors as "Russell Pearce in lipstick."

She's a pro-Pearce loyalist, a Tea Party gal, who has donated money to Pearce, campaigned for him during the recall, and defended him publicly.

I remember her from an infamous meeting in 2011 of what was then the LD 19 Republicans, where a resolution against the Pearce recall in nearby LD 18 was being debated.

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TommyCollins topcommenter

This sounds eerily like when Pearce used Olivia Cortes as his shill when trying to win election to the seat he was recalled from. I believe he once said something like, "I have never met Olivia Cortes. I don't know her". While that may have been 'true' statement what he didn't say was they he didn't know about her and he didn't know anything about her being used as a shill to split the vote against him.

It appears this very thing may be happening with Mr/Dr. Heap and his sudden 'interest' in getting into politics. Not good... at all.

No one should ever consider Russell Pearce out of the local party system. Not until about six weeks after he has been buried or cremated. And then it might not hurt to check.


I have to wonder was Dr. Heap one of the Crooked People that signed the Mrs. Cortes Phony Election Petition in the hands of the Pearce Klan during Pearce's Recall Election knowing that it was an Election Rigging/Manipulating Felony?!

If Heap signed the Cortes Petition, Heap and all who knowingly tried to Rigg an Election should be Charged with thier Felony!


If Dr. Heap is lying about connections to the Pearce Klan, Heap has passed the first test of becoming an Extremist G.O.P. Member.

The Arizona Political ability to Lie as required seems to be  the most valued G.O.P. Extremist quality.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Twice-disgraced, corrupt, narcissistic and mentally sick Pearce is still around?

I thought he slithered back under his rock when Worsley handed Pearce's ass to him...



Pearce, his two Nieces, his Brother, The Tea Party, and Extremist G.O.P. people that were involved in the Class Five Felony Election Rigging, and Manipulating with the wonderful, and Honest Mrs. Cortes Vote Siphon that they ran as a Ringer in Pearces Recall Election all made a mockery of America's Electoral System, and all involved should be charged with thier Crimes!

Pearce, and Company as Felons should not even have the right to Vote in Arizona after that un believable Scheme!!

To: Justice.

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