Phoenix's Search for New City Manager Down to Four Finalists

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The city of Phoenix announced the names of the four finalists for the job of city manager.

Two of them are veterans of Phoenix City Hall, while the other two are out-of-towners.

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Ed Zuercher, acting Phoenix city manager, who's been with the city for 20 years -- including a stint as former Mayor Phil Gordon's chief of staff -- is one of the finalists.

Rick Naimark, a deputy city manager who's been with the city for 26 years, is the other local candidate.

The out-of-towners are Deanna Santana, city administrator of the ity of Oakland, California, and Milton Dohoney Jr., former city manager of Cincinnati.

Santana and Dohoney were both considered to be in the running for the city manager job in Dallas, a position that was filled last month by a Dallas City Hall veteran.

Phoenix's city manager post was vacated by David Cavazos, a longtime city employee who spent four years as city manager, before leaving in October. He took the city manager's job in Santa Ana, California.

According to a statement from the City of Phoenix, the final interviews are scheduled to take place during the city council's executive session on Wednesday, February 19, and it's expected that the council will appoint the new city manager during the formal city council meeting that afternoon.

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Skip Oakland.  It's really best for all.

TommyCollins topcommenter

I hope the city hires the next manager with a contract including a provision that (s)he cannot seek employment as a city manager within a specified amount of time (say five years). Unless, of course (s)he is fired.....

I doubt either of the current employees will be considered. That will take away the need for worrying about the spiking that Cavazos nailed the city retirement plan with.

"The first day as city manager means (s)he is one day closer to being fired".

Mr. Fairbanks was the champion survivor. He built layers around him that meant he always had someone else to take the blame. Somewhat like the local sheriff. But, I did like Mr. Fairbanks, somewhat. Unlike the local sheriff.

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