Maria Brandon Testifies on Retaliation by Ex-Bosses at Maricopa County Attorney's Office

Garcia then grabbed Brandon's elbow, and Brandon pushed back, yelling.

"Jackie... was like mad, and she was like, 'I'll fucking kick your ass' and, um, I was like, oh, my God," Valerio told Ashley.

Garcia received five days' suspension without pay. Jurors presumably will hear every detail of this story in coming testimony.

Brandon claims that Liddy fired her from her $134,000-a-year job two days after the incident, furious that when it had occurred, he'd been out of the office and she complained to his boss, Doug Irish. Brandon's lawsuit states that when Liddy returned to his office "he got a call from Bill Montgomery, and Montgomery said, 'What the hell is going on down there?' Liddy was upset about the way it looked to Montgomery because he was out of the office at the time the incident occurred."

liddy tom 1.JPG
Tom Liddy
At the heart of this case is the transition that took place in the office after Thomas resigned (he would later lose his law license), Rick Romley served as interim county attorney, and Montgomery was elected. Liddy, says Brandon's lawsuit, "likened the atmosphere to the post-Civil War Reconstruction period, when there were lynchings."

Will this case end with another large payout to a plaintiff? It's different from the others -- they were all anti-Arpaio and Hendershott. Brandon comes off as something of a believer in the wrong side.

So does Montgomery. We asked him at a recent news conference whether he believed the facts as presented in a settlement agreement by County Supervisor Andy Kunasek. In the agreement, under which the county paid $123,000 of Kunasek's legal bills, Kunasek alleges Thomas and Arpaio named him in a bogus federal racketeering lawsuit "for the sole purpose of retaliation for budgeting restraints" on the pair's offices.

"I don't know the truth of that," Montgomery said.

Lastly, we have to point out that Michele Iafrate, a private attorney is representing the county. That's ironic, considering she's done more legal work on Arpaio's antics than Brandon. We know that from experience, because it was her grousing to the sheriff's office about our arguing that sparked an unwarranted criminal complaint for disorderly conduct we had to fight for about a year, until the charge was dropped.

(Our argument, by the way, had been over what we perceived as our right under Arizona law to photograph printed-out copies of emails we had requested from the Sheriff's Office. State Attorney General Tom Horne confirmed in a December legal opinion that Arizonans have the right to take pictures or electronically scan in public records at no charge.)

Brandon's trial should be interesting on several levels. Stay tuned.

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MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Interesting stuff, indeed.

I bet MontyPug will pull an Arpaio and say "I don't recall" numerous times when he's on the stand.

TommyCollins topcommenter

Jaffy, you are such a dipstick. Did you read that she used to DEFEND your hero, the elderly elected official?

At this juncture you're supposed to be standing behind her, supporting her. Something like, "Mark my words, she has never lied about anything ever. And if any one of you says differently I'm going to hunt you down and hurt you. I hope you all get cancer and die!"



I wonder how much money she was paid for her probably made up stories?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@robert_graham   "probably made up stories?"    uh-oh Robert, the first niggling feelings of doubt are creeping up on you. it is kind of hard to believe every single person lies except for Joe isnt it? with this many cases and this many people constantly coming out with their horror stories about Joe.......................they cant all be wrong, which then indicates that you might be wrong to always be blindly defending him (you go ahead though and keep defending him if you want to, i will put a little more credibility on those who dealt with him on a real basis)

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