John Kavanagh Has Some Pretty Good Jokes About Joe Arpaio

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio

For being so buddy-buddy with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Republican Representative John Kavanagh actually has some pretty good jokes about the old man.

Kavanagh dropped some funny lines during a roast of Arpaio, and despite Kavanagh still championing SB 1070 to this day, he mostly poked fun at Arpaio's racial-profiling practices.

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The Southern Poverty Law Center got the audio of Kavanagh's lines (for the record, the SPLC does not find Kavanagh's jokes funny at all).

In addition to asking Arpaio how many Hispanic people he pulled over on the way to the roast, Kavanagh suggested Arpaio is in favor of racially profiling Latinos due to Arpaio fighting in the Spanish-American War (he probably meant Mexican-American, but whatever).

He also had a bit about going out to eat with Arpaio -- all the waitstaff and cooks jump out the window upon Arpaio's arrival. And another one about actually having to teach MCSO deputies the Miranda warning in English, because they only know it in Spanish.

It's all funny because it's not incredibly far from the truth.

Perhaps Kavanagh's best line, though, was about SB 1062 -- which Kavanagh supported.

He pointed out that many people claimed it would allow people to use the claim of religious beliefs to discriminate against others.

"And I scoffed at that, until tonight," Kavanagh said. "When a Muslim waiter serving up here walked up to Sheriff Joe, he wouldn't give him his dinner, 'cause he said, 'I don't serve swine.'"

Boom, roasted.

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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

a roast is where you make fun of the person you are there roasting...................he wasnt roasting Joe, he was roasting hispanics, and since it was a Joe Arpaio roast, Mr K showed his true colors ............................................again. how sad is it when the guy who has been found by the courts to be a racial profiler has to be the one to tell you "thats enough"?????????

TommyCollins topcommenter

Mr. K is intellectually challenged. No doubt about that. Seeing him and his public theatrics now, I can understand why he didn't survive as a Transit cop in New York. They are much smarter.

I think he and the missus should just go back, and take the elderly elected official of MCSO and his missus with them.

They would be happier. We would be happier. It's called a win.

Right, Charlie?

Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia

Id love to make contact with that pinata


I have ben told by several police officers that, if they are in uniform, they only eat in  restaurants where they can see into the kitchen while their food is being prepared. If either of these two ever eat at a resturant where they can't see into the kitchen, they are very brave indeed.

Rosalie Lopez Hirano
Rosalie Lopez Hirano

sorry, but don't think they were so funny, but I'm a Mexican and my husband is Asian; I can take inappropriate humor, but for a state legislator, with a track record of racist legislation with his name on it, not so much

Arturo Yescas
Arturo Yescas

I know a lot if people were offended but they the jokes were actually pretty funny and relevant

Todd Leith
Todd Leith

I was scrolling on fb and Arpao staring, scared the crap outta me.. ;-) He kinda looks like uncle fester with a little more hair

Cozz topcommenter

Was it really a roast or just a KKK gathering to honor one of it's own.


Gee what a surprise............they told racist jokes at the Roast of the America's Most Racist Sheriff. I'm sure all the racists in attendance loved it.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@dtmac If I walked into a restaurant and saw either or both of them, I would walk out. I don't need that stench ruining my meal.


@Cozz Except for the robes and pointy hats, how would you tell the difference?

Of course, their definition of a "roast" just might involve some hot dogs, long pointed sticks and a burning cross.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@shadeaux14 I would imagine most in attendance were posse members. Or perhaps flag wavers from Fountain Hills. Those folks still living back in the late 60s when they were in the military. Suddenly, they all have PTSD and were shot many times. Right. So, they fly the American flag, then the POW/MIA flag, and then the "Don't Tread On Me" flag. Heroes. My ass.

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