Fire in Phoenix Industrial Area Shuts Down Part of Interstate 10

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Andrew Pielage
A view of the fire that caused a portion of I-10 to be shutdown near the I-17 stack.

The large plume of smoke over Phoenix is coming from a big fire in an industrial area downtown.

The listed address, near the Interstate 10/Interstate 17 stack, is a distribution center for a company that sells electrical, welding, plumbing, and other industrial products.

See the complete slideshow of the fire.

The fire department has labeled the incident a hazmat situation, and according to one report, compressed gasses and other flammable materials were stored at this facility.

There is a report of one person being treated by paramedics for smoke inhalation, and a report of one of the employees getting minor burns.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, I-10 westbound is closed at Seventh Avenue due to the fire.

Phoenix police are also restricting McDowell Road, west of Seventh Avenue.

UPDATE 3:34 p.m.: The fire department says the fire's under control.

Andrew Pielage
By Benjamin Leatherman
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danzigsdaddy topcommenter

just passed that area, its a madhouse. good luck to the firefighters, it looks pretty bad

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