CPS Caseworker Accused of Trying to Buy Heroin Through Woman Involved in CPS Case

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Heroin seized by the DEA in an unrelated operation.

A caseworker for Child Protective Services is accused of trying to buy heroin through a woman who was part of a CPS case.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, 35-year-old Leyla Sadikovic was in charge of the CPS case the woman was involved in, yet she asked the woman whether she could help obtain oxycodone or heroin.

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The woman got police involved, saying she "was concerned for the safety of her own children and the children of other parents that this caseworker might be in charge of," court documents state.

At the direction of a Phoenix police detective, the woman sent a series of text messages to Sadikovic, and they eventually came to an agreement for Sadikovic to meet someone to purchase $200 worth of heroin, according to the documents.

She ended up meeting an undercover detective at a Circle K near 52nd Street and McDowell Road. The detective took a file folder from Sadikovic containing $200 cash, and the detective put the "heroin" -- actually just some candy wrapped in tinfoil -- back in the folder and handed it back to Sadikovic, the documents state.

According to the court documents, Sadikovic asked the undercover detective, "Can I eat the file?" Police believe she was indicating that she was going to take the heroin orally.

At that point, a team of officers waiting for the exchange to go down went in and arrested Sadikovic.

According to the court documents, Sadikovic has been working for CPS for a year.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Trent Crump says Sadikovic also took a government-issued vehicle to the deal.

However, while being interviewed by investigators Sadikovic said she did the deal "as part of her duties with CPS and investigating her clients," Crump says.

Sadikovic was booked into jail on one count of attempted narcotic-drug possession, a felony.

Crump says CPS' internal affairs investigators are cooperating fully with police.

Sadikovic is not the first CPS employee to be arrested in the last year, and everything related to Arizona's CPS is certainly receiving extra scrutiny since it was discovered a few months ago that the agency had essentially ignored more than 6,500 allegations of child abuse and neglect. An initial investigation into the failure to investigate cases found that there was just too much work for the caseworkers to keep up with. The Legislature has since approved nearly $7 million for the hiring of more CPS workers immediately, with more funding likely on the way.

Leyla Sadikovic
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CPS is nothing more than an organized crime ring complete with IN HOUSE "family courts" where the judges are on the same funded payroll that profits only from removing children from their families and redistributing those children into the system.
Often times into foster (where many actually are abused) or into the homes of perverts who couldn't procreate (same sex relations) where they receive the ultimate abuse.

Linda Evans
Linda Evans

Well, this couldn't possibly be true because we all know our esteemed governor fixed CPS . . . oh, wait . . .

Ed Eastin Jr
Ed Eastin Jr

Good....as much good as they're SUPPOSED to be doing, CPS officials are some of the most crooked in the state.


Just because this idiot CPS worker is overloaded with cases is no reason to buy heroin.  Poor baby she is overworked.  Is this what the $6.8 million approved for CPS will be buying -- heroin?  All of this druggies cases should be reviewed.  She is under the influence and working for CPS.  She can't be making logical and ethical decisions where children are involved.  All she thought of was her own habit.  Did the $200 come from State monies?  Is the office going to share in her buy?  It is only getting worse at CPS and I'm sure other DES offices.  I guess one cannot blame Clarence Carter for this, but then again he was her teacher.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Just Legalize It!

ps: that's one crappy photo of "heroin" from the DEA


I don't think so.  It's just an organization in bad need of a complete overhaul.

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