Jan Brewer Vetoes SB 1062

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By Matthew Hendley

Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed Senate Bill 1062.

The bill advertised as "religious freedom" legislation resulted in several protests, was denounced by many large businesses, and even some of the Republican lawmakers who voted for the bill have since come out against it.

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While the bill didn't explicitly give power to businesses to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, that's certainly how it was received. The bill allowed businesses to make "exercise of religion" claims as a defense in court. Gay people aren't a protected under state and federal laws like religion, race, and disabilities are, for example, hence the reasoning that this bill targeted the gay community.

Brewer made the announcement this evening, saying she decided to veto the bill because it's not one of her legislative priorities, it's broadly worded, and there's no real threat to religion that warranted such a bill. Brewer said she didn't get a single example of how this bill was needed in order to protect religious freedom.

See New Times' complete coverage of SB 1062 below:

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This letter is in response to the articles covering the veto of Senate Bill
1062 by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

Well, it appears that Capitalism trumps one's First Amendment right to
freedom of religion at least in this particular case {as it should}.  When
you're open for business to the general public you must serve all members
of the general public; that's the law.   If you don't want to serve homosexuals
then convert your public license to a private club.  The public will choose
your business because you are the best at what you do so why hamstring
it in favor of your {so-called spiritually motivated} bigoted views.  For crying
out loud; you knew they were coming so bake the cake.

Now to the real issue at hand:

A homosexual person is one who is sexually attracted to others of the same
sex. Except for a genetic variation of nature, they are virtually identical
to their heterosexual counter parts. They feel the very same kind of
attraction to the same sex as heterosexuals feel about the opposite sex.

Now, granted, there are those people who freely choose this behavior as a
form of "life style" but that accounts for a very small population of
homosexuals. In fact, if one is not genetically predispositioned for this
behavior then by definition they are not truly homosexual but rather some
deviant variation of perverted behavior.

Some would argue that the Bible condemns homosexuality but I believe
(through the persistence of science) this behavior will be proven to result
from natural genetic variation.

One can draw on the example of the developmentally challenged {no offense
intended toward either group} who by no action of their own are born
comparatively slow or deficient in mental, physical, or emotional growth.
Homosexual people are therefore entitled to engage in sexual behavior
consistent with their genetic makeup so long as it is between consenting
adults and by extension should be allowed to marry as well.

To deny them this right would be the same as denying heterosexuals their
right to consensual sex. Some would argue that sexuality is strictly for the
purpose of reproduction but yet the animal kingdom has many variations of
species who also cannot reproduce.

Human beings are sexual beings as was intended by their creator and to
suggest that a genetic variation of nature somehow makes homosexuals less
human is indeed an inhuman concept.

Joe Bialek

"Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was
once eccentric." Bertrand Russell


Wow even the gays have more political power then Native Americans who trying to get nicknames changed with the No Fun League's Washington Redskins, Florida State, etc... Now that very sad.

Rex Edie
Rex Edie

what a withered old woman.... yyyeeeeaaaaahhhh !!!!


FYI Everyone - JAFfy/Robert_Graham just registered another account to troll us with.

It's @Skepticles and already posting his usual racist bigoted bullshit on articles

Jared Updike
Jared Updike

Would allowing business owners to ban black people from their establishments for religious reasons have been reasonable? What is this lunacy?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


      Religion = Superstitious Nonsense for Ignorant Imbeciles.

Ipso facto.


WOW!!   WOW!!!!    WOW!!!     Who is going to MAN....The front lines of the future WARS.......of this Country?????


Who feeds you when you are hungry? Who provides shelter when you are homeless or in need of clothing?  Who will lift you up, when you are down?                            Christians will!!!!!! And Catholics will!!!!!! And this is how you repay them!!!!!!

fishingblues topcommenter

I know a guy who's religion wants him to refuse service to the ugly, extremely short people, fat people, stinky people, people with piercings, people with too many tattoos, people who's looks he doesn't like and a few others.

Why was no one standing up for their rights?  Why did all the loony liberals  ONLY want to protect LGBT people?  Is there something hypocritical and phony about all the hoopla?  I think we all know the answer to that one.  

Scott Bowersock
Scott Bowersock

I was born in Kansas but never really lived there....some reason for shame there for religious stupidity regarding school books etc.... Grew up in AZ from 69 to 82 but never felt it was conservative. I guess the old KDKB and the cool people I knew there over wrote any of the crap. I am glad I don't have to regret this one. Still have family there.

Scott Bowersock
Scott Bowersock

What next in the name of religious freedom? It's really not about that is it? It is imposing one's values from his or her sky friend to modern society when we usually ban that out of common, modern sense.



Who rapes you homoesexually when you go to confession: Christians and Catholics

Who discriminates against you for no reason: Christians and Catholics

Who spreads AIDS deliberately: Christians and Catholics

Who murders in the name of their god: Christians and Catholics

Who ignores the law to protect pedophile rapists: Christians and Catholics

Who commits their own blasphemy, sitting in judgement over others: Christians and Catholics




Christians and Catholics are getting off easy...

fishingblues topcommenter

@robert_grahamcracker @fishingblues    Who's we?  Are you still carrying that turd around with you?  I guess that would make your friend, the turd, illegal too.  You little slime ball, fraud.


@johnlancaster85035 @DonkeyHotay@Flyer9753@mrh0202201091 

I pray that you will some day discover how to 

unlock the CapsLk key on your computer.



DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@mrh0202201091 "Who do you think...makes up the majority of the armed forces in this country"

Inbred knuckle-draggin' Neanderthals?


@mrh0202201091 @Flyer9753 @johnlancaster85035  A number that is declining every minute, faster and faster

Which I am sure sucks for you, yet is a boon for humanity


@johnlancaster85035 @Flyer9753  Yeah, my bad experience, my horrendous experience was being exposed to the fail that is religion at an early age.

The difference between you and I is I grew up to see the truth of religion (the fail that it is), clearly you have not.

Enjoy your delusion.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@mrh0202201091 "because they are to [sic] retarded to make right choices for they"re [sic] lives."

Epic RETARD Fail !!

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