Arizona Voices Website Lets People React to Legislation, Propose Their Own Brilliant Ideas

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By Matthew Hendley

If you've ever wanted to have more participation in the "meth lab of democracy," then you're in luck.

State officials launched a website today ( that allows voters to make "respectful" comments on pending legislation and even float their own ideas.

Here are the four brilliant ideas for legislation submitted by citizens so far: A law to mandate driver's license renewal every five years, a law that would allow a man to choose not to be a parent if he gets a woman pregnant, some sort of mandatory education on "the principal [sic] of limited government," and anti-Muslim education for high school students.

And we didn't think it got worse than the people who actually come up with the laws.

Republican Senator Bob Worsley and Secretary of State Ken Bennett teamed up on this website project, which does have some interesting features.

To use the website, you actually have to provide personal information that synchs with voter-registration information. With that, at least everyone on the website is actually an Arizona voter.

Plus, you can see information about the kinds of voters who cast a vote for or against the bill online. This information is broken down by age, gender, and legislative district.

There aren't many votes cast, because the site just launched a few hours ago, but here's how people have voted on the bill that would prevent cities from banning backyard chickens:

If enough people utilize the website, then lawmakers might get a better picture of what their constituents think about a certain bill.

Maybe if this had been around back in 2010, citizens could have preserved their right to create human-animal hybrids. Or maybe citizens could have convinced the governor that a circumcision certificate could be used to prove someone's citizenship. The possibilities are endless.

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To generate more revenue for the state, I feel that the drivers licenses should be renewed every 5 years.  There are a lot of health issues that can cause eye sight problems,reflex issues & many other problems. For the safety for all drivers, please give this some thought.

dennis20 topcommenter

Its pretty hypocritical to see Bob Worsley pimping this website claiming it's so voters can have a voice. Worsley doesn't want voters to have a vioce.  

He not only supported HB2305, the voter suppression law,  but now wants to repeal it so the voters wont have a voice on the ballet to decide. 

He also made it crystal clear that he will be supporting more voter suppression legislation if it is presented.  Worsley won his primary because of the very policies he now wants to deny others.  

He's basically given a big "fuck you" to those that busted their asses helping him defeat Pearce in the primary. 


Reality Check:

With modern communication technology we no longer need the vast number of Representatives, or Senators that America needed when we used Carrier Pigeons, and Horses to communicate.

Time to rework our System, and Fire at least 90% of these bickering Idiots, they don't care at all about representing constituents..

Let these spoiled Leaches of Tax Dollars get a REAL Job and find out how "We the People" earn the Tax Dollars they have been squandering.

Time to stop wasting Billions of Dollars on every election cycle and put that money to a good use?

Child Protective Services Perhaps?!

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Wait a minute! You can be born in Arizona and then be circumcised in Guatemala.


People that vote for Reps are not on drugs , they are just plain stupid

valleynative topcommenter

The quality of comments should be expected to be about that of the comments we see posted here via Facebook.

I don't think I'll pay much attention to it.


Shouldn't have told me about this Matthew.

Let's see how long it takes me to get banned.

Just made a comment about how we'd probably be near full employment if Steve smith worked as hard at bills that create jobs as he does pimping for the Ayatollah Cathi Herrod and her Arizona Taliban.

I know my sarcasm won't accomplish anything positive but neither will anything else until the lemmings wake up and elect some competent leadership so I might as well have some fun.

WhoKnows topcommenter

They need to find some way to do a urine test for drugs before you can post an idea.  That alone will block out the nuts in both AJ trailer parks and Sun City!

valleynative topcommenter


I don't think you understand the reason for the number that we have.

It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with communication.

It's about balanced representation.

It's about very specifically NOT allowing public opinion to have too much power, since what's right isn't always what's popular.


valleynative topcommenter


People who blindly vote based on political party affiliation shouldn't criticize anybody else.

WhoKnows topcommenter

Actually, if they just told people to piss on their keyboard as a method to take the required drug test, that would also block the AJ trailer park and Sun City folks, as they would all pee on their own computer, and short it out!


@WhoKnows  The drugs aren't the problem, it's the average IQ (.0000001) of most Arizona Teabaggers

Although, the same test would probably work :)

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