Arizona's Levels of Very Religious and Nonreligious People About the Same, Poll Says

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By Leon Brooks, via Wikimedia Commons

Arizona's one of the few states where the levels of very religious and nonreligious people are about the same, according to poll results.

In Gallup's annual survey of religion across the country, researchers found that about 36 percent in Arizona say religion's a big part of their lives and that they regularly attend church services, while 35 percent said religion's not really important to them and that they don't attend church services.

The remainder of Arizonans, 29 percent, either say religion isn't important but they still attend church services or that religion is important but they don't go to church regularly. Gallup defined this group as "somewhat religious."

And after 175,000 surveys taken nationwide on this subject, Gallup found that the "very religious" types clearly outnumbered the "nonreligious" types in nearly three-quarters of the states.

In nine states, they found more than half of the people saying they were very religious, and less than 20 percent said they were nonreligious in eight of those states.

The most religious states are Mississippi (61 percent very religious) and Utah (60 percent very religious).

On the other side, the least-religious are Vermont (22 percent very religious) and New Hampshire (24 percent very religious).

In total, 36 states registered higher levels of very-religious people than Arizona.

The same survey taken in 2012 and 2011 shows Arizona's proportions of religious types has stayed about the same over the last few years.

Click here for all the details from Gallup on this year's survey.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Religion = Superstitious Nonsense for Ignorant Simpletons



Maybe the Arizona Center for the Taliban can get one of their lapdogs in the legislature to sponsor a bill requiring Arizonans to attend an approved church, in the name of religious freedom. And of course citizens should get tax payer provided vouchers as an incentive to attend churches. Sheriff Joe will raid any houses suspected of having religious shirkers within.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I guess the takeaway from the surveys is that only about 1 percent of the population are us atheists and that a high percentage of the population have the "god gene." Ever since the first hominid was able to think in abstract terms, s/he had to imagine that there was a higher power. A neat way of explaining the unexplainable.

valleynative topcommenter


Actually, though, there are a lot more of us.  Estimates run as high as 15%.

The problem is that, since it's still perfectly ok to discriminate against atheists, most won't identify themselves, even in anonymous polls.

On the other end of the scale, a lot of people will anonymously lie and say that they go to church every week because they believe that all "good" people do so.



Also a great way to justify intolerance of others. "I'M not saying it's wrong.........GOD'S saying its wrong.

Works for the Ayatollah Cathi Herrod

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