Nobody Really Knows Who They Like for Arizona Governor, Poll Shows

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Nobody really knows who they like in the race for governor, according to a poll released today.

For example, according to the Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll, 72 percent of Democrats said they're uncommitted, while the well-funded candidate who's been in Arizona Democratic politics for decades is apparently tied with a guy from rural Arizona that most people have never heard of.

When you add in the independents who said they planned to vote in the Democratic primary, Fred DuVal has a slight lead over a fellow named Ron Cavanaugh -- who ran for governor as a Libertarian in 2010, and came in third place among Libertarians in the primary.

(In reality, DuVal's going to win the Dem primary, which is more of a fact than it is a prediction.)

On the other side, the Republicans don't really know what's going on either. Sixty-nine percent were uncommitted.

None of the Republican candidates -- Christine Jones, "Candy" Andy Thomas, Scott Smith, Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, and Al Melvin -- got more than 8 percent.

Voters still have seven months and change to pick someone for the primary, and appear to be in no rush, based on this poll.

See the complete results here.

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Robin Scott Andress
Robin Scott Andress

So there is still time to convince the corporate leaders you are the right person to pad their wallets at the expense of the the tax payers while blaming poor people and immigrants.


My  vote is for Symington, well he does live around the corner from us.... 

Kirk Dooley
Kirk Dooley

That's OK. Nobody down there is qualified for the job, anyway.

William J. Messer
William J. Messer

If I was to select someone with cajones it would be...disbarred, disgraced and who know's what, Andrew Thomas. Somehow the system allowed the bad guys to go free and the good guys to be prosecuted. Course we all know we have some influentual folks in high places with way too much power and no accountibility. From the courts, councils, legislature, etc. Only when the PEOPLE get involved do things change.


No more dems please. That's two in a row for AZ and we're already in enough debt.


Sounds like the Rs haven't found anybody batshit crazy enough to win their votes.


Arizona has a divided electorate, 34%+ republican, 31%+ democrat and the deciders them independents whom are like the weather no one owns them nor controls them can swing a election either way!:-)

Cozz topcommenter

Thats because nobody running is worth a shit.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

I'm even more mystified than VN below. Who the hell is Fred DuVal? I for one have never heard of him. There must be someone out there with more ooomph and more name recognition. But who?

valleynative topcommenter

So, although the voters don't know who he is, the Democratic machine has already chosen who their candidate will be.  Anybody who doesn't want a Republic governor again will have to vote for the person the party has chosen.

That's not what anybody calls democracy.



Your mythical majority is going to win?:-) Them independents your party claims to own will vote for your pick? I think I will wait till post election night and see who wins, since no one gave me a magical right wing crystal ball to make predictions with!;-)

fishingblues topcommenter

@vagabond545454 @valleynative  "Them" independents?   Don't you mean "those" independents?  "Them"  is always used as a pronoun and NEVER as an adjective.  We know that you don't care if you are stupid and ignorant, you've said as much.  However, your ignorance is objectionable to those that attempt to make sense of your drivel.  Perhaps someone should give you a "right-wing crystal ball" in order to speak and write English like an American citizen.

Jazus!  Liberals sure are stupid!

Additionally, your use of "till" to replace "until" is moronic.

In your last sentence it would be proper to "make predictions".  Why did you feel the need to incorrectly add the preposition "with"?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@fishingblues "You are suck [sic] a fucking putz! "

Typical inbred illiteracy from the ignoramus.

fishingblues topcommenter

@vagabond545454  <===  too stupid to know how avatars work.  Too fucking dumb to find one for herself.  

Everyone on here knows that the donkey boy is a sexual predator, pervert and child molester.  If you want to join his camp, you two deserve each other. 

If you two twisted fucks see child porn in innocent pictures, who do you think is the real degenerate?

Still too stupid to figure out how to use "you're" vs. "your".  Seriously, I don't know anyone as fucking stupid as you.    

fishingblues topcommenter

@vagabond545454 @fishingblues @ValleyNative  My computer has never had porn of any kind on it.  But YOU seem to be obsessed with babies and porn.  You freaking retarded pervert.   


@fishingblues @vagabond545454@ValleyNative

Ps....maybe if law enforcement takes a peek at your computer hard drive you might be exposed with all your inner demons for the world to see! I wonder if one day we will see you being perp walked in some sensational news story!;-)

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