Activists Call on Legislators to Cut Ties With the Center for Arizona Policy

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Matthew Hendley
Senate Bill 1062 is gone, but certainly not forgotten.

For the second day in a row, activists from Citizens for a Better Arizona protested the connection between lawmakers and the lobbying group behind SB 1062, the Center for Arizona Policy.

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On Wednesday, activists went to the Center for Arizona Policy office in Phoenix to demand an apology from CAP president, lobbyist Cathi Herrod, but they were not allowed in the front door.

Yesterday, a few dozen activists went to the capitol, with the intent of asking Republican Senators Steve Yarbrough and Al Melvin to cut their ties with the Center for Arizona Policy.

"If the puppeteer's string are not able to be cut at Cathi Herrod's office, then we'll cut them here," said Beto Soto, of Citizens for a Better Arizona.

This isn't the only controversial piece of legislation proposed by CAP. Activists point out last year's effort by CAP to kill an anti-bullying bill, as well as the costs to taxpayers for litigation of the group's unconstitutional laws that have been passed into law (at least seven of its laws have been overturned in court).

With all of this, plus the SB 1062 debacle, the activists had typed up some pledges for Yarbrough and Melvin to sign, promising to cut their ties with CAP.

Not surprisingly, neither senator wanted to hang out. All of their assistants happened to be busy at that moment, too, a security guard explained.

They dropped off the pledges with security, and marched through the Senate chanting, "Cut the strings."

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Go here

To change your voter registration to Republican so you can vote in Republican primaries and vote some of these certified rectums out and THEN vote DEMOCRATIC in the election Nov 4 to be sure we get rid of at least some of these sleaze balls.

Don't worry, you don't have to be tainted with the Republican label the rest of your life. You can change it back again after you vote in the primaries or after the election ( best ).


Here we go again, CITIZENS FOR A LAWLESS ARIZONA sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.  Anything they ask for makes for a worse Arizona, not a better one.


Said it before, saying it again: People should be protesting, loudly and in large numbers, at Cathi Herrod's office every single day (and at at the State Capitol) until that nasty, ugly, bigoted little troll and her CAP toadies are forced to leave their offices, if not leave the state. They bring nothing but disgrace and shame to Arizona. They bring nothing but disgrace and shame to christianity. Let's be honest, they just bring disgrace and shame the human race in general. 

Cozz topcommenter

Cutting strings would also mean they would have to stop taking CAP's money, and we all know politicians are nothing but unethical whores for money.

Never going to happen.


Dems can switch to IND and pull a Republican ballot in the primaries so as to not have to register as a REP. This is especially important in districts where a DEM isn't running for office or has no chance to win in that district. LD1 is a prime example.

And those that are registered Independents not only need to get off their asses and vote on a regular basis but in most districts in this state, they need to show up at polling places for the primary election, pull a Republican ballot and vote for the least extremist Republicans that are on the ballot and in the cases where they are all nutcase kooks, then vote against the incumbents.

It is the only way to get rid of some of the puke that hold seats in the legislature.


@Cozz  is CAP non profit? Do they get tax payer money? These are the things i want to know. 


@Cozz Agreed, I think I wrote pretty much the same thing in the other article regarding 1062.

Cozz topcommenter


Probably donations, but if they are non profit 501, they sure don't pay any taxes thats for sure while bribing politicians.

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