Video: Yarnell Hill Fire and "Wildfire Crisis" Explored in Weather Channel Documentary

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The Weather Channel has released a documentary on the Yarnell Hill Fire and the "nation's wildfire crisis," in something of a different look at the fire that killed 19 firefighters last year.

In addition to a more weather-focused view of the events that led up to the deaths of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the documentary also explores the future of "megafires" popping up with more regularity.

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In addition to climate change, the documentary also takes a look at how homes built in fire-prone areas, which only complicate the fire-fighting.

Recall that the workplace-safety citation against the Arizona State Forestry Division, in part, accused firefighting managers of placing the Granite Mountain Hotshots and others in harm's way by having them defend "indefensible" structures in Yarnell.

Check out the video below:

Note: Reporter John Dougherty, who wrote a series of stories for New Times investigating the Yarnell Hill Fire, is credited in the Weather Channel documentary as a "video consulting producer."

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Maybe a fireproof helicopter with the capability of landing directly in the fire area, could spray out momentary continuous water to protect the copter, and the fighters for protective safety access.It makes sense to always work on improving our rescue and safety methods just like the quicker response time to city fires by helicopter can save lives.With a special team trained for earliest response and daredevil acrobatic life saving tactics.Even the Coastguard can speed up their rescue by deploying a safety(aircraft grade)nylon lightweight blowup raft that can pick up multiple survivors without risking the old "one at a time"slow lowering basket method.There is always room for improvement,thanks all you heroes for being there.

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