Tom Horne's Unwanted Holiday Gift from the Arizona Public Integrity Alliance

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Our ethics-challenged Attorney General, Tom Horne, received an unwanted gift over the holidays from his bete noir, the Arizona Public Integrity Alliance, the conservative nonprofit that he hit with a short-lived defamation suit last year.

The obverse of AZPIA's anti-Horne mailer, sent out late December to 60K households

The folks at AZPIA tell me that around 60,000 mailers critical of Horne went out the week before Christmas, targeting the districts of legislators who sit on the ethics committees of the state House and Senate, as well as the LDs of the leadership, the idea being to, hopefully, get the Legislature on Horne's case.

Just a few of Horne's sins catalogued for the recipient

Warning of "Chicago-style politics" and "backroom deals," the flyer's obverse features a hunched Nixonian figure, seen from the back, whispering into a telephone. On the reverse, there's a pic of a hangdog Horne, and an image of a sinister, disembodied hand holding a lit cigarette. (Nice touch.)

Readers receive a rundown of a few of Horne's iniquities, such as the hiring of a political "crony" to a job on the taxpayer's dime at a salary of $108,000 per year, and alleged campaign finance shenanigans that prompted an FBI probe and the FBI's revelation that this crony also was Horne's alleged mistress.

"[T]he Attorney General's Office," states the mailer, "maintains a contract with a law firm that hired Tom Horne's alleged mistress and whose partners contributed to
Tom Horne's political campaign. It is a sordid story that wastes Arizona taxpayers'
money and smells like Chicago-style corruption."

That "contract" is a reference to one held by attorney Dennis Wilenchik, who hired Carmen Chenal, the crony mentioned above, after she left the AG's Office.

Recipients are encouraged to contact their state legislators and demand reforms of the AG's Office.

Wishful thinking, no doubt. But when there's a skunk in your backyard, do you cede your property to the varmint or do your best to set him runnin' for cover?

The AZPIA-ers promise that more mailers and ads are on the way, to flush Horne from his hole.

Meanwhile, AZPIA's Xmas mailers attest to the dismal failure of Horne's attempted SLAPP suit against AZPIA, and of his failed campaign finance complaint regarding AZPIA to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office.

Horne withdrew the suit after AZPIA issued an apology for a tiny factual error in its initial advertising (literally, the "error" turned on the tense of a verb).

The campaign finance complaint was rejected by the SOS' Office.

Inexplicably, some dunderheads in our local fourth estate interpreted this mundane "oops" as a win for the AG, though Horne did not stop the AZPIA, which continues its righteous skunk hunt, as this latest mailer attests.

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Arizona has been a magnet for the ne'r to well's, social misfits from all over America for quite some time it seems, this fellow was embroiled in a SEC scandal, banned from the stock market, gets elected here and is embroiled in one scandal after another seems he is doing what he has always been doing and just looking for places to get away with it! Arizona has the infamy of the rogue minute men, murdering a 9 year old Hispanic girl, blowing her head off as she begged for her life, the Neo-Nazi who hob knobbed with state senate president before he was booted out of office, then the Neo-Nazi commits suicide/murder of 4, one a infant, guess one could say the discovery the founding member of Minute men Chris Simcox former teacher from California ought to surprise us being exposed as a pedophile but then those types do seem to seek jobs where they can access kids, his racism issue was just one more character flaw and fact of his being a social misfit! One can read any news commentary site in Arizona and view the vile, hateful, racist commentary spewing from many of these anonymous posts and see we have a very angry, upset but thank god small racist cadre of folks who seem perpetually unhappy, miserable and seeking someone 24/7 to look down on to boost their sagging egos and low self esteem issues! The saving grace is the electorate in Arizona is not 50.1% republican but around 34% which means 66% of us are not Looney tunes, maybe this 66% will quit bickering over small differences of democrat or independent thinking and boot these lunatics into the unemployment line!


Tom Horne--that bastard!!--hires his mistress for $108k, fresh off a long suspension from the state bar, to a job she had no experience in, so they could slip off and bump uglies (gross) at lunch.  Too bad the FBI caught them, and witnessed a hit and run.  And caught him cheating in his election.  And now we caught him shuffling the mistress off to a crony before she becomes an election liability...oops!  This guy Dennis Wilenchik just happens to be the guy who was a henchman for Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio as well, and he ordered arrests of journalists that ended up costing the taxpayers millions in lawsuit settlements.  Talk about a web of corruption!!  Horne is a loser.

Cozz topcommenter

Arizona only elects the finest scum available. It's the Arizona way.


Skunk hunt? In Arizona, that's like shooting fish in a barrel.

dennis20 topcommenter

@ConcernedCitizenAZ I can't help but notice the similarity between Christie and Arpaio. Both are media darlings and both have a reputation of abusing their authority to target those that oppose them. I realize this is a bit off the subject but still... 

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