Sky Harbor Passenger Had More Than 100 Bird Eggs in Her Suitcase

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A woman who flew into Sky Harbor International Airport last week brought more than 100 bird eggs with her, according to authorities.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman says the woman's journey originated in Kenya, and officers referred her to agriculture inspectors once she landed in Phoenix.

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Inside a plastic box inside her suitcase were 103 small eggs, according to the agency.

"When asked, the owner claimed they were to be used as medicine for her heart," according to a CBP statement.

The eggs appear to be quail eggs, which are touted by some to be a sort of natural medicine, based on ancient Chinese medical practices.

As is usually the case when people bring this kind of stuff into the country, CBP seized and destroyed the eggs.

The woman was let go with a warning, according to CBP.

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the Arizona state dental assoc. has a PAC,i don't think they are an advocacy for the general public anymore.

same goes for the arizona egg board!"you cant bring no stinkin' quail egg from Kenya,if day wuznt born here!"

they wernt Justin biebers eggs anyway!

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