PTSD and Depression Denied as Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Arizona

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The Arizona Department of Health Services again denied adding PTSD, depression, and migraines to the list of medical conditions that qualify people for a medical-marijuana card.

DHS Director Will Humble wrote on his blog that he "didn't approve the petitions because of the lack of published data regarding the risks and benefits of using Cannabis to treat or provide relief for the petitioned conditions."

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As part of the state's Medical Marijuana Act, people can periodically petition to get new conditions to the list of qualifying ailments, but they don't make the list just by having a lot of public support.

DHS has had the University of Arizona's College of Public Health analyze the available scientific studies regarding medical-marijuana treatments for the disorders, and pass that information back to DHS.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the medical advisory panel at DHS said there was no evidence to support adding the conditions, because "marijuana has not been subjected to any high quality, scientifically controlled testing in humans for any of the petitioned conditions . . . "

Without the evidence, neither the panel nor the DHS director were in favor of adding the conditions to the list -- which was also the result the first time these ailments were proposed for the medical-marijuana program.

The panel's letter said it might review the petitions if new study results become available.

"During the discussion, the Committee expressed that the growing body of evidence concerning the basic science of the potential effects of cannabinoids on PTSD patient[s] raised valid clinical questions that need to be investigated," the letter says. "Given this evidence and that several states have Medical Marijuana provisions for PTSD patients, it is hoped that a randomized, controlled trial may be conducted to further investigate this question."

The panel also opined that sufferers of migraines might be able to qualify for a medical-marijuana card based on chronic pain already being a qualifying condition.

Petitions to add conditions to the medical-marijuana list will be accepted again from January 27 to 31.

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The reason depression/anxiety/PTSD and other mental health issues are being denied for MMJ is the drug companies will lose lots of money since those of us that have been on prescription meds will turn to MMJ and not the overly prescribed drugs. 

I have suffered from depression/anxiety/PTSD for decades.  The meds I take are mainly for depression.  Anti anxiety meds, ie; ativan, xanax, valium will get you addicted which is exactly what the drug companies want.  

MJ has helped over the years with my issues.  Politics, lobbyists, remember  are all part of the drug companies.  


For Ronald Reagan to be able to say that marijuana caused brain damage they had to smother the lab animals used in the study.  This was clearly apparent to any who read the study.  It took over six years of Freedom of Information requests for the government to release it so that everyone could see what had happened.  The CNN doctor, Sanjay Gupta was right when he said that our government has spent 70 years misinforming the American people about the medicinal properties of this plant.  It is important for any who do research to use databases of articles from outside the US when studying this plant.  Researchers here are not allowed to study the benefits of this plant due to the myriad of agencies that have to approve the research.  Will Humble uses an FDA like process that will not work to approve marijuana for any condition to be added to our voter initiative. They think that they are doing the rest of us a favor.   Even John Erlichman (former aide to Nixon) admitted in an interview in the late 1990's that they were aware that marijuana was not as bad as they had portrayed it but that it fit Nixon's style to use it to go after those long haired kids who opposed the Vietnam War at the time.  Our current president recently stated that marijuana is not worse than alcohol which has few or no medical uses.  Isn't it time to allow responsible adults to consume marijuana and to regulate it? Regulation will do a better job of keeping it out of the hands of kids. The government's own SAMHSA surveys have reported for many years that it is easier for them to get marijuana than it is to get tobacco or alcohol.  The apparent reason is that those who sell tobacco or alcohol ask for IDs while those who currently sell marijuana in an unregulated but illegal market do not.  You are correct, our own government does recognize the medicinal properties of the plant and owns a patent on the cannabanoids found in the plant.  Despite everything that has happened, the head of the DEA last Fall was unable to tell congress that heroin was more dangerous than marijuana.  I hope that our kids were not listening to that.

Kurt Laumer
Kurt Laumer

Herb would help much more than any pharmaceutical


the greatest plant known to man is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

from 0 states to half the country, from low 20% approval to almost 70%, cali runs this planet by 2 decades

i've tried many medications for depression and marijuana is all i use today...long live the greatest plant



fuck em..tired of fair weather veteran supporters.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

LOL! ... looks like Arizona is making ALL the SAME MISTAKES that Colorado marijuana advocates made when they wrote their dysfunctional ineffective pot amendments ... the amendments that clueless fools in other states are blindly using as "models" for their own soon-to-be dysfunctional and ineffective legislation and regulations.



You base that on what?

There is science and there is my-brother's-friend-felt-better-after-smoking-pot.

The real problem is a chicken and egg problem.  There are few conditions that have been scientifically shown to be helped by pot and that isn't going to change because the federal government won't sanction scientific research into medical uses of pot.



Dear Marcy...get a clue...the government wants to control everything that has to due with anything. They have done plenty of research!!!

That is why the U.S. Dept. Of Health

( The Federal Government) has a U.S. Patent on the Medical properties in marijuana and has had it since 2001 valid until 2021 U.S. Patent # 6633507

Ask yourself....Why is it they deny any medical value but hold a patent on the medical properties???

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