Phoenix Coyotes Changing Name to Arizona Coyotes Next Season

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By Betp from Wikimedia Commons

It's not a surprise, but the new owners of the Phoenix Coyotes will be changing the team's name to the Arizona Coyotes for next season.

The name change was part of the arena lease agreement with the city of Glendale, although it didn't say exactly when that change had to happen.

Coyotes co-owner, president, and CEO Anthony LeBlanc announced today that the name change will become effective for the 2014-15 season.

From a team statement:
"Becoming the Arizona Coyotes makes sense for us since we play our games in Glendale and the city is such a great partner of ours. We also want to be recognized as not just the hockey team for Glendale or Phoenix, but the team for the entire state of Arizona and the Southwest. We hope that the name 'Arizona' will encourage more fans from all over the state, not just the valley, to embrace and support our team."
The uniforms won't change, except for a new shoulder patch (the current patches say "PHX").

The Phoenix Suns are the last of the four major sports teams in the Valley to keep Phoenix in the name.

The Arizona Cardinals were first to adopt the Arizona name, prior to the 1994 season, as the Phoenix Cardinals never actually played a game in Phoenix.

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eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Since the newly-branded team are the Arizona Coyotes, maybe Gin Jan could throw the first puck? I mean... maybe the first serve? Uh no, it's...


Maybe we can sell em to Kuwait. Hell, we'll even throw in the arena if they agree to move it.

Aren't all you Glendalians? glad you paid for them? How come you're not all screaming about this kind of welfare?


Phoenix Coyotes or Arizona Coyotes, it doesn't matter.  There are only two teams in the NHL with worse attendance in regards to capacity: Florida and Columbus.  (77, 76, and 75% respectively.  Chicago is at 109% for comparison at the other end and league average is 95%.)  This just isn't a hockey town and a name change isn't going to bring in the other 23%.  This team will eventually leave town, it's only a matter of when.


@NWEng Let's be honest. This town is not a sports town in general...only when one of the team makes it to the play offs then we're all cheering for the team otherwise attendance is poor... D-Backs, Suns, Cardinals, Coyotes all same shit!...

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

@NWEng Yes. Who could have imagined that a place where it's 100 plus most of the year would be much of a hockey town? It just ain't natural!

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