Maricopa College District Forwards Names of All Three Finalists to County Superintendent

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Carlos Galindo-Elvira, Catherine Miranda and Alfredo Gutierrez
Catherine Miranda was the top choice for a panel of Maricopa County Community College representatives narrowing down potential appointees for a vacant seat for the College's governing board.

Miranda, a state representative who is now running for a seat in the Senate, was married to Ben Miranda, who served on the governing board before he passed away in November.

The College team also forwarded to the Maricopa County School Superintendent the names of longtime lawmaker and activist Alfredo Gutierrez and Carlos Galindo Elvira, the chief development officer at Valle de Sol, as alternatives.

The decision, which now rests with Superintendent Don Covey and a team he's assembled, is expected by January 20.

"For me, it's about authentic public service and wanting to help higher education and a diverse student population," Galindo-Elvira tells New Times. "But I'm not unaware that it's also a political process."

Alfredo Gutierrez says he was honored to be selected as a finalist.

"The community colleges are on the cutting edge in terms of education for our community," he says, adding that more than half of university students started at a community college. "They are the most important gateway to a higher education."

Miranda, occupied with legislative duties, couldn't be reached for comment.

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I think the best person to fill this vacancy is Alfredo Gutierrez.

Catherine was not interested in this seat.  If she gets it it will only be to remember her deceased husband.  Lets not appoint out of pity.

Carlos Galindo-Elvira seems like a nice guy, but he's not connected to the community or the people that live in that district.  I was actually quite surprised he claims to live there.  "CLAIMS".

The Maricopa County School Superintendent should do the right thing and appoint the person best qualified, to that seat.  The only person who can represent that district well. Its time to Appoint Alfredo Gutierrez.

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