Activists Hold "Real" Community Meeting at Joe Arpaio's Office

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Matthew Hendley

Activists aren't satisfied with the court-ordered community meetings run by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and its "community liaison," who participated in the MCSO's immigration sweeps.

So, members of Citizens for a Better Arizona brought folding chairs to the new MCSO headquarters in Phoenix and held what they called a "real" community meeting in the lobby.

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Both Sheriff Joe Arpaio and community liaison officer Hector Martinez were invited to attend the impromptu meeting, but neither showed.

At the meeting, people discussed how the MCSO's official community meetings were ineffective and the recent settlement payouts to former County Supervisor Don Stapley and the co-founders of New Times, and they even held a vote to determine whether they should declare Arpaio "America's most racist and expensive sheriff." (The vote was unanimous in favor of Arpaio's new title, so they gave a bag of garbage to Arpaio and the MCSO as a reward.)

Matthew Hendley

See, as Arpaio and the MCSO were on the losing end of the Melendres v. Arpaio civil rights case, Judge G. Murray Snow laid out a series of things the Sheriff's Office needs to do in order to right its wrongs and rebuild trust in the community for its racial-profiling practices.

Quietly holding these community meetings, run by a deputy who participated in the sweeps, and was among those on the MCSO's Human Smuggling Unit, who shared racist e-mails, the people from Citizens for a Better Arizona really don't think the Sheriff's Office is really complying with Judge Snow's order, nor is it helping rebuild trust with the community.

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MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

When is Judge Snow holding the hearing for Arpaio's bitch-slapping?


It should be crystal clear to everybody by now that Arpaios sick and twisted idea of how a law enforcement agency should operate has turned the MCSO into an organized crime family filled with "Deputies" who kiss his ass at every opportunity. 

The ONLY way this agency can be turned around is by placing it in Federal Receivership and require that every "Deputy" be psychologically screened to determine if they are mentally and emotionally stable enough to wear a badge and carry a firearm. 

I have a feeling that, if this were implemented, The MCSO would be looking for a boatload of new deputies as well as a REAL law enforcement officer to serve as Sheriff.

Sorry about that YPS, but maybe with enough counseling, you'll qualify for a Mall Cop position somewhere.


Matt Hendley, thank you for this fine piece of yellow journalism but let me remind you that it is full of lies, distortions and baloney.


Nice group of libtard crybabies. Wah wah wah!!


Mr. Hendley, get real.  This is yellowed "journalism" and you know it.  To say the MCSO quietly held court-ordered community meetings is not only incorrect but an outright lie.  You know very well information about the MCSO meetings was released to the media well in advance of the actual meetings.  Such information was available on this very site.

The folks from the group at MCSO HQ had the opportunity to attend those meetings during which they could have interacted with MCSO personnel.  However, they chose not to attend but rather hold a "moment's notice" meeting at the HQ as a publicity stunt.

There are at least three criminal charges those folks could have faced: trespass, unlawful assembly, and interrupting a government operation.  But it appears MCSO allowed them to throw a fit in the lobby.  I feel bad for the receptionist that had to listen to the "meeting."

You hate to admit it but MCSO is within the bounds of the court order.

john043012 topcommenter

WOW 13 people showed up. That should bring the sheriff to his knee's

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@robert_graham awww... poor robert needs his diaper changed again and a new pacifier.. like usual

david_saint01 topcommenter

@robert_graham the only person constantly whining here is you act like joe is some victim..when he brings it all upon himself. 


@ConcernedCitizenAZ Nope, Joe is not going anywhere. As for Baca, ever hear the expression "better watch what you wish for"? Well the Dems wished for him to go and they really won't like his replacement.  Wait and see.

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

I agree with term limits... no need having may rose continuing to fill the county seat with her fat ass.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@yourproductsucks2 more people that hit your clown boss's court ordered meetings.  But you didn't know that being in Fresno and all..

Cozz topcommenter


What ever you say Jaffy

WhoKnows topcommenter

@reader So, when did the doc tell your mom she gave birth to an idiot?

dennis20 topcommenter

@john043012 It's 10 more then have showed up at any of Arpaio's community meetings to date.

WhoKnows topcommenter

@john043012 You do know that is more people than showed at some of the Joke's court ordered outreach meetings, don't you?

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

@robert_graham make up your mind. you are saying he isnt going anywhere and then say people wont like his replacement. your comment of  "wait and see" is implying that it IS going to happen


@WhoKnows @reader at about the same time the laboratory analysis showed your father's DNA was a 100% match for your mother's brother

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

low turnout shows just how unnecessary those community meetings are.



You're absolutely right,

As long as Joe Arpaio is Grand Dragon of the MCSO, the community meetings will accomplish nothing. 

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