Janet Napolitano's Replacement, Jeh Johnson, to Tour the Border in Arizona

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While Janet Napolitano is doing whatever it is that she does now as president of the University of California system, her replacement as secretary of Homeland Security is taking a trip to Arizona.

Jeh Johnson, who was confirmed as secretary last month, is taking a tour of the border starting Tuesday.

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"On January 21-22, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson will travel to McAllen, Texas, and Douglas and Tucson, Arizona to tour border operations, receive briefings on the department's efforts to secure the border while facilitating lawful travel and trade, and meet with state and local law enforcement officials and other stakeholders," a DHS statement says. "More details on the trip will be released once they are finalized."

What exactly Johnson's deal is on the immigration front isn't exactly clear. (With record numbers of deportations, it wasn't difficult to find out what Napo's deal was.)

He did make some vague comments in a letter to Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, obtained by the Huffington Post, wherein Johnson says he's not a fan of goals or quotas for deportations -- such as the quotas utilized under Napolitano's reign.

Johnson also said he favors immigration-reform legislation.

No other details have been released on his trip to Arizona and Texas.

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Hopefully he'll get the chance to help our border patrol out and chuck a few illegals back over the fence. 


How does our "Wall" compare to the Great Wall of China, or the Berlin Wall?!!

How many Tens of Thousands of Deported Human Beings now lay Dead on the other side of the "Wall"/Fence where I.C.E. Deported/Dumped Hundreds of Thousands of Human Beings into the middle of a Known Border Drug War with nothing, not even water to be Killed, or to Die of Exposure in the Harsh Desert?!!

At least we ripped thier Legal Citizen Children from them before Deporting/Dumping them to Die.

To: Good, and Brotherhood, from Sea to shining Sea.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Does anyone know if there are any gaps in the border fence between San Diego and El Paso?

john043012 topcommenter

@DNichols boo hoo they gambled and they lost. There might be less deaths if fools like you go into Mexico and bloviate your concerns.

fishingblues topcommenter

@DNichols Stop it D, your emotional fantasy has me in tears.  Wow, I bet you are trying for the bleeding-heart award with that mind-numbing rant.   



Oh, hell yes there are gaps. It's more gap than fence, which exists mostly around ports of entry. The fence is a ghastly, butt-ugly, iron curtain-ish piece of work. Take a trip to the border and travel along it for a just a couple hundred miles and you'll get a sense for how expensive, difficult and (and foolish) it would be to even attempt to built a relatively non-porous border as the nativists want. What the feds have done with their policy is to push illegal border crossers further out into the deserts, away from the ports of entry, thereby elevating the body counts.



I am sure Hitler shared your exact views toward the Jews.

We have ripped Mothers that have been here since they were two years old from thier Citizen Children, and Babies!!

This must end, we Americans must stand for our True Principles, and Values.



What is the "Truth" Asshole?!

Of the Forty-Two Thousand Dead at the U.S. Mexico Border since I.C.E. began Dumping Humans in the Desert how many of these Dead were Deported to thier Deaths?!

Is it better to burn in the Desert with no water, or to burn in Human Ovens?

Quit Pretending it didn't happen.

Lets be "Honest"!


@DNichols It's better to man up and confront your own government and elites about their shortcomings rather than sneaking into someone else's back yard like a coward.  

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