Jan Brewer's Office Explains How the New CPS Works

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Matthew Hendley
The former home of Child Protective Services.

Governor Jan Brewer said Monday that she signed an executive order to get rid of Child Protective Services "as we know it."

Today, Brewer's office released a document that attempts to explain why CPS 2.0 and the Division of Child Safety and Family Services are improvements over the previous CPS system.

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First, Department of Juvenile Corrections director Charles Flanagan becomes director of the new Division of Child Safety and Family Services. Since CPS is no longer part of the Department of Economic Security, that means DES director Clarence Carter's no longer at the top of CPS.

The new agency run by Flanagan includes child-welfare programs that include CPS, as well as foster care, adoption, and the healthcare system for children in foster care -- so CPS as we know it appears to live on.

By law, the Office of Child Welfare Investigations, the relatively new CPS-oversight agency, which is credited with the discovery of more than 6,500 allegations to CPS of abuse and neglect being ignored, still reports to DES Director Carter. But it also reports to Flanagan, too.

Brewer is asking the Legislature to make the new Division of Child Safety and Family Services a permanent agency, and make that Office of Child Welfare Investigations a part of it.

"The current organization of CPS within DES inhibits accountability and transparency, because child safety competes with other missions," the governor's "fact sheet" says.

If that all sounds bureaucratic to you, consider that it was worse before yesterday. CPS was part of something called the Division of Children, Youth, and Families. That division was one of six "programs" that reported to DES director Carter, in addition to other "offices" and "divisions" that reported to him, too.

That's why, after the discovery of the thousands of ignored CPS cases, there were so many calls to put CPS in its own agency that reports directly to the governor.

You can see what the new structure of the aforementioned agencies looks like in the graphic below (Click to see the full-size image).


The document produced by Brewer's office can be found here.

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Arizona (Utah Jr) ........Oh, I wonder why CPS failed?

Francisco Cortez
Francisco Cortez

CPS failed to investigate cases because Jan Brewer refused to fund the department. She's the one that should be abolished from her post.

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

CPS money solution: 

Use the $50,000,000 for a NEW Super Max prison that Arizona does NOT need. A massive project that Senator Shooter ram-rodded through the Capital Review Committee hearing, where citizens were told they could not speak or could not sign in at the kiosk. No "needs request", NO impact studies on the taxpayers, community, environment (critical water issues) and long term impact? Another lawmaker boondoggle done behind closed doors.

Aaron Lewis Medina
Aaron Lewis Medina

I can't with it. Like I said, she is just giving us a new director and a new agency name. Everyone is still going to work under the same conditions and mess the government made for us all, previous to her "abolishment". She has no clue what it is like to be out the field working with these families and ensuring the safety of children.


Great the protection of our children relies on the Mother of a Knife Point Rapist that abused her Government Authority to shied him from Justice, then rewarded him with $75,000.00 from Social Security for his Heinous Rape.

The over six hundred dollars a day for Decades that has been wasted on keeping this worthless Raping Criminal Bastard in the Funny Farm could have paid for a lot more Child Protective Services!

WhoKnows topcommenter

And Brewer keeps dancing.  Or can't she recall that she signed massive cuts to CPS funding herself over the last few years?

What she drunk and someone just put a pen in her hand or something?

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

I seriously think the DOJ should investigate these crimes against children.

These children had their lives ruined in the name of politics and money.

I have been saying this for some time and I'll say it again: ethics laws and an ethics commission. Virginia, Arkansas and Massachusetts all have them.

Term limits for all levels of government.

AZPOST certification for all Arizona sheriffs.


If she has made herself the Top go to boss lady is love to know what makes Jan such an expert in this field all of the sudden? This is absurd.


As long as the Arizona Legislature continues to underfund the protection of children, this just a rebranding.

TommyCollins topcommenter

I have to wonder who explained all this to Mrs. Brewer. That must have been a challenge.

I rather imagine she looks at the organizational chart and can't find herself. Nothing new there.



Jan must have seen a T.V. Commercial that inspired her:  "There are three ways to do this folks, My Way, My Way, and My Way!"

WhoKnows topcommenter

@TommyCollins They gave Brewer the chart and a box of crayons.  She was just happy that she could stay inside the lines......

ConcernedCitizenAZ topcommenter

@TommyCollins One person in charge, who answers to no one but me, the Governor (executive order).  

Where's the oversight, transparency and accountability when this goes sideways?


Tuskegee tuskegee tuskegee

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