Creepy, Bloody Mask Prescribed by Mexican Healer Is Seized at Border

Daniel Lobo via Flickr

Today in Found at the Border: Officers at the port of entry in Nogales seized a very creepy mask that someone tried to bring back into the United States.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman says an officer conducting a routine search of a car on Tuesday found "a suspicious mask that appeared to be covered with dried blood and chicken feathers."

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The owner of the mask told border officers that the mask was prescribed by a curandero -- something of a healer or shaman -- who prescribed it as a remedy for insomnia (although it looks scary enough to promote insomnia).

CBP's agricultural specialists made the decision to seize the mask.

In a statement, CBP's agriculture program manager says the mask "contained materials of a prohibitive nature that have the potential of transmitting avian diseases."

The mask was incinerated, and the owner was allowed to continue on without any penalty.

The mask.
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It looks like Brewer first thing in the morning.


It is a Santeria Ellegua head. Ellegua is a Orisa

in the Santeria, which is like cross between a god and a angel in the Christian pantheon. He is a god of the crossroads, a trickster, a go-between between humans and the other Orisas.


Kool mask, kinda looks like Steven Segal?


Look Jaffy,

Somebody made a lifelike mask of your mother.

valleynative topcommenter


So the feds burned another culture's religious artifact, but at least they didn't arrest the person for having it.


@shadeaux14 I saw, definately strange. Looks more like a lifelike mask of your mother.  How about if you go look at Take a good look at everything that is there because what I have published there is the truth.

What's there is just for starters. It will keep get better.



Substitute the words "The MCSO" every time the words "Illegal  Aliens" is used and the site is spot on.
 Especially when it says

"How outrageous does the situation need to be before real action is taken?  How many more Americans must be ripped off, infected, molested, raped, killed, and murdered by "The MCSO" before something is done about it?

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