Camelback Mountain's Echo Canyon Trail to Re-Open on January 15

City of Phoenix
Echo Canyon Trail at Camelback Mountain is scheduled to re-open to the public on January 15 with a new trailhead, restroom facilities, and expanded parking lot.

This looks like a firm date (following an "oops" moment in September). Expected temperatures in the low 70s should help make it a great day for a hike.

But leave the pooch at home, at least for the next six months.

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The city plans to enforce a "no dogs" policy for the first half of the year because of the anticipated large crowds.

Gates will open 30 minutes before sunrise on Wednesday, with the trail officially open at sunrise, the city says. The park's located off McDonald Drive, just east of Tatum Boulevard.

The $4.3 million renovation project that's closed Echo Canyon Recreation Area since January 28, 2013, finally gives the famous hiking spot the respect it deserves: real restrooms, a bigger parking area, more bike racks, and paths to keep pedestrians off the road as they're walking up to the trailhead.

Nearby homeowners get their own access road instead of having to share Echo Canyon Parkway with park users. Paradise Valley is kicking in $450,000 for the roundabout at the park entrance.

The beginning of the old 1.2-mile trail summit trail has been lengthened to avoid erosion, making the trail's new length about 1.45 miles. With its 1,300-foot elevation gain, it'll still be a lung-burner and useful as a basic unit of mountain measurement -- as in, "that mountain [or canyon trail] requires about two-and-a-half camelbacks worth of effort."

HIkers of the summit-reaching Cholla Trail on Camelback's east side were able to continue on down about three-quarters of Echo Canyon Trail to a chain link fence, not that many did so. The Echo Canyon area also provides access to several popular, local climbing routes like the east face of the Praying Monk formation.

Click here for city's pdf of the new alignment.

Text of city's news release follows:

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Steven Rizza
Steven Rizza

Oh goody....another trail for dummies who get lost and injured or have heat stroke that the tax payers have to pay to rescue. I've always said that Phoenix needs a stupid hiker law

Joseph Mize
Joseph Mize

Sad I never got a chance to hike this one, but always a reason to visit.

Jana Lauren-Ashley Olson-Bish
Jana Lauren-Ashley Olson-Bish

Just wanted to thank all the assholes in Phoenix who decided to ignore the no-burn warning during the holidays. You people have absolutely zero consideration for those of us with respiratory problems like asthma, C.O.P.D., bronchitis and emphysema. All of which my Mother has. Maybe you should start thinking about the consequences of your actions and stop being so selfish. Fireplaces are a stupid thing to have in Phoenix because if you haven't noticed we live in the VALLEY which means the pollution just sits right on top of us. You idiots obviously don't care if you cause a fucking temperature inversion as long as you get to burn your fireplaces, right? I hope you all get fined out the ass and hauled off to jail. I'm so tired of the lack of consideration toward others. You were TOLD not to burn for a fucking reason but you do it anyway? What kind of logic is that? So I'm here to say if you have a fireplace and you live in Phoenix and you burned on the no-burn day like they are saying people did anyway, then fuck you. Fuck you up the ass. You need to spend some time living in a world where it is a struggle to breathe on a daily basis. :) And have a horrible day, fuckwads of Phoenix.

Cosmic Sea
Cosmic Sea

It's about time! Hopefully they'll clean all the dog shit off of Camelback - Cholla Trail.

Steve Martinez
Steve Martinez

They aren't allowing dogs for first six months? Some guys are gonna be forced to learn to talk to women directly while on that trail, instead of the ol' "I have a pet, have we met" routine. The tension is going to be palpable and the Craigslist missed connections bountiful. :-)

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