Loop 101 in Scottsdale Getting More Lanes as Part of Several Highway Changes in 2014

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The Arizona Department of Transportation plans to move forward on several long-anticipated projects this year, particularly on the Loop 101 and 202 highways.

All the projects will be funded through federal and state highway funds, which are collected through gas taxes, vehicle license fees, and auto registration fees, according to ADOT.

Starting this fall, one new lane in each direction will be added along Loop 101 in Scottsdale, between Shea Boulevard and the Loop 202 (Red Mountain Freeway). ADOT also will add asphalt along the 10-mile project.

In an enterprise that began last October, ADOT will continue working on the new Loop 101 HOV lane on- and off-ramps to better connect with Glendale's sports and entertainment facilities. The ramps will connect with the Maryland Avenue bridge, and add access to University of Phoenix Stadium, Jobing.com Arena, and the Westgate area. The project is expected to be completed this spring, in plenty of time for the Arizona Cardinals' 2014 season and Super Bowl XLIX in 2015.


Then there's the controversial proposed South Mountain freeway, which also is slated to see some progress this year. There won't be any construction, but ADOT expects to release the final version of an environmental-impact paper for the freeway in mid- to late 2014, at which time a 60-day public review period will begin. The freeway would run east and west along Pecos Road and turn north between 55th and 63rd avenues, connecting with Interstate 10 on each end.


In addition to projects around the Valley, ADOT will be making emergency repairs to the collapsed sections of US 89, after the February 2013 landslide. The $25 million project will include shifting the roadway up slope and creating a "gravity buttress" at the base of the mountain. ADOT hopes construction will begin this summer.


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The Aqua Fria improvements at Westgate are looking good. Super Sunday 2015. peace


Glad to see the RICH people from Scottsdale won't be inconvenienced with traffic.  They're getting more lanes on the 101 Freeway.  The way I see it, I-17 could use them more... but the problem is most of those travelers are not as influential.   Look at the communities where that freeway leads travelers to.  C'mon, open your eyes.  ADOT leaders are easily influenced and make decisions with as much "persuasion" as the rest of the dirty politicians.   There's lots of state-spending disparities going on across the state, and this is a perfect example of one.


@StacyP The 17 has always been slow. Like proud2 said, there is no place to go with an expansion. peace


@StacyP Where would you put more lanes on the I-17? There's no room to add lanes as both sides of the I-17 are bounded by in-fill residential and commercial. Think about it StacyP. The section of the 101 they are expanding is bounded by land.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@royalphoenix @StacyP @Proud2BeAZ

Actually they can. Dallas/Fort Worth faces the same problem with their in-city freeways and are moving to an over/under arrangement on freeways that cannot be horizontally expanded, like I-17.

Just an FYI :)

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