Top 20 Photos Captured on Arizona's Highway Cameras in 2013

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Mangoes being grilled on the Loop 202 in June.

In addition to providing the Arizona Department of Transportation with information about traffic conditions, the highway cameras throughout the state also capture some things you might not expect to see on the open road.

From weird weather to strange items dumped on the highway, to odd crashes, and more, check out our picks for the top 20 photos captured by the cameras this year:

(Note: Follow the Arizona Department of Transportation on Twitter to see the newest traffic photos, in almost real-time, plus other traffic updates.)

20.) Perfectly placed crash

A lot of the good stuff happens outside the camera's view, or from afar. Not this one.

19.) Mattress

Nap time.

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Dillon Costilla
Dillon Costilla

Wow fog! Cool! You know what the best photo was though? Dust! Man that dust is a hoot. great photos, we should put up whole pages dedicated to dust!

TommyCollins topcommenter

#19 Mattress in the roadway. A fairly common sight. It seems some folks don't realize it's important to tie a mattress to the top of the car from front to back AND side to side. How many times do you see them raising in the front as they are being carted down the street, about to break the string used to hold them?

Jim Barrett
Jim Barrett

Can't forget the coffee creamer on the I-10

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