10 Reasons Phil Gordon Shouldn't Run for Mayor Again (None Related to Mr. Bean Look)

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Mr. Bean/Paul Drummond via Flickr
Mr. Bean (left), Phil Gordon

Mayor Phil Gordon, again?

Sure, he provided a steady stream of juicy, controversial story fodder during his tenure. He's got that adorable Mr. Bean thing going for him. And the disheveled look he sports gives off an approachable vibe.

During good times in Phoenix -- when politicians could convince voters to approve a nearly $1 billion bond for a downtown Arizona State University campus -- Gordon ushered along development in the heart of the city.

But rumblings that Gordon might be trying to make a comeback call to mind some of Gordon's darker moments.

Our 10 reasons why Phoenix may have had its fill of Phil:

10. Bad Democrat

ChrisGoldNY via Flickr

We haven't forgotten Phil Gordon's endorsements of individuals who support Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and other draconian immigration-enforcement measures -- the disgraced, disbarred, and former County Attorney Andrew Thomas in 2004 and Senator John "Complete the Danged Fence" McCain in 2010. Tsk. Tsk.

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Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas

A great Mayor. He should run for Governor!

66rock topcommenter

Not a good idea unless he wants the rejection, he will lose.  Move on Phil, you had your run.  I believe he could be on the council again though of which he was a great rep for his district, in my opinion but way too much iffy baggage for mayor.

David James
David James

It's just tragic! Being compared to the wildly popular, "adorable", and goofy Mr Bean, a character created by the wildly talented and successful Rowan Atkinson. Soo cruel, really!

Malinda Santiago
Malinda Santiago

You know, I have a sense of humor, but not when someone picks on someone because of their looks or compares them to someone. It is sad, the media has become childish and does these things, yet they are the first ones who complain or put children on here for doing it.

Rob Zemeida
Rob Zemeida

Good Lord, Malinda Santiago, lighten up

Malinda Santiago
Malinda Santiago

No, he should not run, because he is bad. IT has nothing to do with his looks and by the way, it is cruel of you to pick on someones look. You should be ashamed of yourself.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

Gordon kinda looks like Freddie Mercury. (Sorry Freddie)

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Memo to Greg Stanton: File this article away for future reference.

Memo to Phil Gordon: Such hubris. Such chutzpah. So just faggettaboudit.

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

like father, like son.. You forgot to mention his Phoenix police officer son who also likes to have sex whilst serving the public... the two of them cried like babies when Jr was ordered to a six month suspension by AZ post as a result of banging a leasing agent at a local apartment complex with the patrol car idling in the parking lot.

TommyCollins topcommenter

@yourproductsucks2Your point is valid. Most officers wouls have been terminated with this kind of policy violation sustained against them. Maybe he was just having a 'Clinton' moment and has since gone through rehabilitation therapy for that dreaded condition called, 'Lacka Nooky', huh?

yourproductsucks2 topcommenter

odds are against young Gordon... its a safe bet he'll reoffend in a much more embarrassing ( to the city of Phoenix) manner in the not too distant future.

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