Top 10 Phoenix Protests of 2013

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Jim Louvau
A march in Phoenix for immigration reform, on October 5.

There's been no shortage of protests around Phoenix this year.

Although most notable protests in 2013 were on the immigration front, there were a few others that caught our attention, including the protest of an alleged cat-killer, and a march for the right to go topless. Check out our picks for the top 10 Phoenix protests of 2013:

10.) Witches Support Jan Brewer's Policy Preventing DREAMers From Getting Driver's Licenses

Matthew Hendley
Citizens for a Better Arizona spent Halloween casting spells at Governor Jan Brewer's office, over her executive order denying driver's licenses to people granted deferred action by the Obama Administration's new policy.

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Holy crap this is the stupidest thing to write up as a top ten list. Hendley has no clue what he is doing.

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