Top 10 Arizona Marijuana News Stories of 2013

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This year was an important year for marijuana-related issues in Arizona.

Some of the most important battles of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act were fought this year, and there appears to be a future for legalization. Check out the top 10 marijuana stories from New Times this year:

10.) Arizona's Medical-Marijuana Law Safe From Federal Action in New Obama Policy

White House
In another victory for pro-legalization forces, a new Obama Administration policy took a mostly hands-off approach to state marijuana laws. The news by the U.S. Justice Department came as a long-awaited response to last year's elections in Colorado and Washington that legalized the use and sale of marijuana.

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John Kavanaugh (district 8) is against medical marijuana.  He plans to propose a new bill to repeal the medical marijuana law.  If you are a registered voter in district 8, please bombard his email, office, voice mail demanding that he drop his personal efforts to repeal a law that has been passed by the majority of voters in Arizona as a whole, has been signed into law by the Governor and is actually generating substantial revenue for the state.  Unless he can produce the same (or more) income for the state then his efforts to repeal are not in the best interest of the state and in fact, he is working against the state which is harming the state in the long run. There is power in numbers, more power than all the money these politicians have to buy their seats.  WE NEED TO BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME.  VOTE, COMPLAIN, BE HEARD, BE A PEST!  Write letters to the editor, document your disproval.  These idiots are your representatives (like it or not), so make them represent your desires!  If they don't then there is reason for recall, but you have to speak up! Don't wait for someone else.  I'm just a little guy but I'm trying.  I need your help.

Francisco Cortez
Francisco Cortez

Why does Jan Brewer hate Democracy so much? We voted, it passed, end of story!


@tjrap555  Yee, Kavanagh, Polk, and Montgomery are all intolerant and rabid prohibitionists. Yee is the head of the Arizona senate education committee.  She does not support public education, instead she supports charter schools that profit from us. This marijuana prohibition in Arizona does not emanate from a desire to keep people in Arizona safe. It's about profits, the citizens be damned. Yee, Kavanagh, Polk, and Montgomery all want to insure that private prisons are filled with Arizona marijuana users. In Arizona, right now, more people die from prescription drug overdoses than from traffic accidents. Rather than to attack problems that kill people in Arizona, this group continues to attack Arizonans, including children, with life threatening diseases that are treated by medical marijuana. These disingenuous people use our own tax dollars to try to overturn voter passed initiatives and they spend taxpayer money losing frivolous cases that could have been settled by reading the law and getting out a dictionary to learn the meaning of the words there. They would rather imprison Arizonans than support our public schools.  Our public schools already have the lowest per pupil expenditures in the entire nation. Kavanagh recently tried to have the state give close to a million dollars to the private prisons that was not even asked for.  This is how the people in Arizona are empowered.  Are these actions meant to help Arizonans or to enrich a few well positioned legislators? Marijuana has never killed by overdose, not here or anywhere in mankind's association with this plant that goes back to the stone age. 

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