Top 10 Arizona Gun Stories of 2013

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There are just four states where guns are so popular that they have an official state gun -- and you bet Arizona's one of them.

From gun laws, crimes, statistics, accidents, and trends, there's been a lot of gun-related news around Arizona this year. We bring you our top 10 gun stories for 2013:

10.) Murder Charge Against Former Guns & Ammo Magazine Editor Dropped
Vlad & Marina Butsky via Flickr
Richard Venola, 54, was arrested by Mohave County Sheriff's deputies last year, after the former Guns & Ammo editor allegedly used a gun and ammo to shoot 39-year-old James Patrick O'Neill outside Venola's home in Golden Valley. After two deadlocked juries this year, charges against Venola were dropped.

See also: Former Guns & Ammo Magazine Editor's Murder Trial Ends With Hung Jury

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jonnyquest topcommenter

Interesting that so many progressives venerate Nelson Mandela yet are opposed to gun rights. What did the ANC do when non-violence didn't work? They rightfully took up arms to overthrow the oppressive government.


Oooops ..You forgot the story about Gabby Giffords and hubby Mark buying AR-15s for their home use..


PNT needs to get off the their anti-second amendment rants. peace

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

More American Gun MADNESS !!

Delores Jean Stoeser
Delores Jean Stoeser

When you go to a family resterant & there are people wearing guns you do not feel safe.


Tom Horne---"Not having guns in schools is inexcusable"

Actually Tom, not having ethics in a State Attorney General is what's "Inexcusable."

valleynative topcommenter

I've never seen anybody except police wearing guns openly in restaurants.

Perhaps you have trouble understanding the word "concealed"??

valleynative topcommenter

Laws against adults bringing concealed guns into any location that doesn't employ metal detectors and searches only stop law-abiding citizens from bringing concealed guns into those locations.

If that's not completely obvious, perhaps you're not clear about what the terms "law-abiding" and "concealed" mean.

If you think that stopping law-abiding citizens from being armed is a good idea while doing nothing to stop those who are not law-abiding from being armed, then maybe you should try to take a moment and think rationally, rather than emotionally, about the issue.

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