Senator Leah Landrum Taylor Making Official Her Bid for Arizona Secretary of State

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Senator Leah Landrum Taylor at a recent campaign rally.
Senator Leah Landrum Taylor is making her bid for Arizona Secretary of State official as she winds down on nearly 16 years as a state lawmaker.

In pre-campaign announcement -- her official announcement is expect at 10 a.m. today at the Capitol Rose Garden -- she said that as she's entering her final session the "State Senate and after an extremely successful tenure in the state legislature she is looking to continue her public service in a statewide capacity."

Her tenure was also recently marked by controversy.

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In October, Landrum Taylor was unceremoniously booted as Senate minority leader and replaced by Senator Anna Tovar.

It was a move by Arizona's Democratic senators that infuriated leaders of the black community.

As we reported, the action aggravated the existing strain on the relationship between black and Latino leaders in Phoenix.

Black leaders said that Landrum Taylor has been a loyal member of the party and has done nothing to disgrace it.

From a pre-announcement press release as Landrum Taylor and her staff enter full campaign mode:

Our state's Chief Election Officer and Administrator, the Secretary of State's office is vital to both individuals and small businesses, and the Senator's experience as a small business owner will enable her to work pragmatically and effectively.

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The chances of a Black person being elected to a position where she might someday be Governor in the Racist Republic of Arizona are slim to none.

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