Santa Claus Delivers Sacks of Coal to Jan Brewer and Clarence Carter Over CPS Fiasco

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Matthew Hendley

On behalf of the activists from Citizens for a Better Arizona, Santa Claus delivered sacks of coal to the offices of Governor Jan Brewer and Department of Economic Security Director Clarence Carter.

It looks like Carter didn't make Santa's good list for his leadership of Child Protective Services, which ignored more than 6,500 cases. Brewer, who's refused to fire Carter and even said he's done a "fine job," didn't make the good list, either.

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Unfortunately, neither Carter nor Brewer showed up to accept their gifts. (Actually, Capitol police wouldn't let Santa take the sack of coal up to Brewer's eighth-floor office, citing its flammability.)

Activists from CBA also posted at the Governor's Office and the Department of Economic Security office very large copies of an Arizona Republic editorial calling for Carter's firing, and it left copies of the "naughty list" there, too.

CBA field director Beto Soto said they were "dramatizing something that's very, very serious" and pleaded for Brewer to fire Carter immediately.

Santa looking for DES Director Clarence Carter.
Santa leaving behind advice for Governor Jan Brewer.
CBA Santa's "naughty list."

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Lord this woman is a hot mess.  What with her son as her bodyguard and her other son in the hospital for the insane--makes you wonder just what has been under HER tree all these years.  She is an abomination and a joke and she has dragged this state right down in the dirt with her.  Between her and the buffoon Arpaio and their flying monkeys---as long as the two of those butt buddies are in power Arizona will continue to just suck it,



"We get free coal for being incompetent?" Brewer was quoted, "Hell, our energy concerns are solved!"

danzigsdaddy topcommenter

you know, if they are going to drop off a sack of coal for Brewer, they might want to explain it to her while they are at.............i really dont think she's smart enough to get it. 


Too bad we can't charge every sitting republican legislator, the governor and the Atty Gen. as accessories to child abuse and neglect.


Don't worry, next year the lemmings will go to the polls and elect another republican majority in Az. and in a couple of years, we'll be doing this dance again.

MaskedMagician1967 topcommenter

LMAO that is some funny shit.

GED Jan deserves nothing less than a bag of coal.

Arpaio deserves a federal prison cell.

MontyPug..... well, he deserves to be put on a leash (especially after telling the DOJ to put up or shut up regarding the narcissistic old man's racial-profiling)

Carter is just a douchebag who royally fucked up.

Horne needs to pull a Nixon....he needs to resign.


I wonder what percent of ignored child abuse cases between both Sheriff Arpaio, and the CPS under wonderful SBRacism Governor Brewer's Rien of Power were Hispanic Children?!!

However in my oppinion these TYRANT's that ignored our Children being abused, even Raped should be getting Jail Time!

Right Arpaio?!

valleynative topcommenter

Our current election system favors the extremes, and since we could never elect an extreme liberal in Arizona, what do you expect?

We need a modern instant-runoff type election system before we're going to be able to choose quality over bombast.

Cozz topcommenter

Voters must love being viewed as idiots in Arizona to elect assholes like this that make Arizona look like a third world country..

WhoKnows topcommenter

Well, now that Joke, Monty Poodle, and HorniBoi were given a sack, it save them the effort of trying to grow one.  

Now, if they would just do their jobs.....



It's not just that they elect them. It's that they CONTINUALLY elect them.

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