Richard Dumas Jr., Phoenix Suns Legend Who Blew Fortune, Accused of Organized Retail Theft

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Richard Dumas Jr., a former star player for the Phoenix Suns during their legendary 1992-1993 season, was arrested on Thursday in connection with organized retail theft.

Specifics about Dumas' alleged crimes weren't readily available, but the U.S. Marshals Service in Phoenix announced the ex-Sun had been picked up as part of a multi-agency roundup of all sorts of crime suspects.

Ironically, Dumas told the Arizona Republic in a May 20 article by Paul Coro, "Now I've got to work for a living."

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Dumas "lost all his NBA fortune on drugs, back taxes and a divorce," Coro wrote in May.

As the above-linked 1994 article in this publication written by the late Tom Fitzpatrick shows, Dumas' problems go way back.

Richard Dumas Jr.'s mugshot
Now he's looking at what may be his rock bottom: A felony grand jury indictment on eight counts of organized retail theft.

A booking sheet states that the offense took place on July 31, although the multiple counts suggests this was no one-day spree.

He was arrested without incident just before 2 p.m. on Thursday at 505 East Plaza Circle, Litchfield Park, headquarters of Richard Dumas and Friends Athletic Association, a youth basketball organization. He was later released after posting a $7,500 bond and given a December 26 arraignment date.

"Operation Grinch Stopper 2" was the name of the roundup, the Marshals Service says. Twenty-seven agencies participated, resulting in 112 arrests in Maricopa and Pinal counties. The first "Grinch Stopper" came last year in response to the shooting of Tucson police Sergeant Robert Carpenter, who'd been responding to a burglary. He survived his injuries.

Luke Cross
The roundup also picked up Luke Cross, 29, suspected in a series of high-end bicycle thefts in Idaho that police said are drug-related. After trying to sell a bike to a pawn shop on November 1, he reportedly assaulted a shopper with a golf club and then tried to run over a store employee who'd chased him out to the parking lot. He was arrested at a Mesa healthcare facility without trouble.

"As prosecutors, we welcome the opportunity to hold accountable those who unlawfully take from others in this season of giving," Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said in a written statement.

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david_saint01 topcommenter

"As prosecutors, we welcome the opportunity to hold accountable those who unlawfully take from others in this season of giving," Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery file this under biggest bs top ten 

Ryan Gielow
Ryan Gielow

as many as it takes for New Time to think they got enough traction out of it... Go Media

Rey Olivas
Rey Olivas

May have had so much more! But he was impressive with the suns

Brian Park
Brian Park

Doom Boom! I'll never forget his epic performance in Game 5 of the Finals.

Rob Legge
Rob Legge

He has always been on the wrong side!

John Baldwin
John Baldwin

He had all the potential in the world and wasted it.

Jamie Adamkiewicz
Jamie Adamkiewicz

I guess he spent his millions and needed another source of income.

WhoKnows topcommenter

I always thought his name was pronounced "Dumb Ass", as it fit him so well!

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